Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bar Controls

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Scroll bars provide easy navigation through a long list of items or a large amount of information.  They also can provide an analog representation of current position.  You can use a scroll bar as an input device or indicator of speed or quantityfor example, to control the sound volume of a computer game or to view the time elapsed in a timed process.


When you're using a scroll bar as an indicator of quantity or speed or as an input device, use the Max6GHZL6 and Min6GHZL6 properties to set the appropriate range of the control.

To specify the amount of change to report in a scroll bar, use the LargeChange897H9LE property for clicking in the bar, and the SmallChange897H9LE property for clicking the arrows at the ends of the bar.  The scroll bar's Value5OIC88B property increases or decreases by the amounts set for the LargeChange and SmallChange properties.  You can position the scroll box at run time by setting Value between 0 and 32,767, inclusive.


DragIcon3G3M07O                Left1CIZPD6                        TabStop81MAWZ

DragModeS9LGP1              Max6GHZL6                        Tag6GI6KP

Enabled3XD4FN                  Min6GHZL6                         Top1CIZPD6

HeightL14VJZ                    MousePointer1VSV6UM         Value5OIC88B

HelpContextID764PDR        Name2016V9P                     Visible32KNZA4

hWnd1CIW7KQ                     Parent17GLLBF                    WidthL14VJZ

Index3MKW18P                      SmallChange897H9LE         

LargeChange897H9LE          TabIndexH38QPT




Change8DZUNR                  KeyPressPFFDUA

DragDrop1EBOJGL               KeyUpRI06O6

DragOver2TUGMAC               LostFocus2ZXQDAR

GotFocus32EWUCC               Scroll1ZEHD62





Drag2IEV8PA                      Refresh3SMNZGP                  ZOrder1YQ29TM

Move103G76J                      SetFocus4AVBOY              

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