Label Control

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A label is a graphicalSZH8PW control you can use to display text that the user can't change directly.


You can write code that changes a label in response to events at run timeCYRM35.  For example, if your application takes a few minutes to commit a change, you could display a processing-status message in a label.  You can also use a label to identify a control, such as a text boxYPYZDG, that does not have its own CaptionF6ZZXB property.

Set the AutoSize2ZZ9BBZ and WordWrap221E0F9 properties if you want the label to properly display variable-length lines or varying numbers of lines.

A label can also act as a destination link in a DDEDEFDDE conversation.  To do this, set the LinkTopicEVWV3S property to establish a link, set the LinkItem2NMGNS5 property to specify an item for the conversation, and set the LinkModeM1RK6S property to activate the link.  When these have been set, Visual Basic attempts to initiate the conversation and displays a message if it is unable to do so.


AlignmentFQ8OZH             FontBold5NZYQSD                   LinkModeM1RK6S

AutoSize2ZZ9BBZ               FontItalic5NZYQSD                  LinkTimeout3OGSG5

BackColor1W9T6JQ            FontNameB3RMO3                 LinkTopicEVWV3S

BackStyleJDY664             FontSizeB3WV13                   MousePointer1VSV6UM

BorderStyle43RNRL          FontStrikethru5NZYQSD           Name2016V9P

CaptionF6ZZXB                 FontUnderline5NZYQSD           Parent17GLLBF

DataField8JGM9OY              ForeColor1W9T6JQ                 TabIndexH38QPT

DataSource5ODG8DC          HeightL14VJZ                      Tag6GI6KP

DragIcon3G3M07O              Index3MKW18P                        Top1CIZPD6

DragModeS9LGP1            Left1CIZPD6                          Visible32KNZA4

Enabled3XD4FN                LinkItem2NMGNS5                   WidthL14VJZ





Change8DZUNR                  DragOver2TUGMAC               LinkOpenM1TL81

Click68UQAKP                      LinkClose17O5TU0               MouseDownD0VNMJ

DblClick2UG5QK1                 LinkErrorEGZX07                MouseMove1D70SW5

DragDrop1EBOJGL               LinkNotify1PIR0GG               MouseUpD0VNMJ




Drag2IEV8PA                      LinkRequest3HB029          ZOrder1YQ29TM

LinkExecute0JJE0GF          Move103G76J

LinkPokeH222HJ               Refresh3SMNZGP



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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 3, "Creating and Using Controls"

Chapter 15, "Creating Graphics for Applications"