Menu Control

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A menu control displays a customized menu for your application.  A menu can include commands, submenu1CMKI4E titles, and separator bars1Q9LDO.  Each menu you create can have up to four levels of submenus.


To create a menu control, use the Menu Design windowV4GKGG.  Enter the name of the menu in the Caption box.  To create a separator bar, enter a single hyphen (-) in the Caption box.  To display a check mark to the left of a menu item, check the Checked box1CX4CX1.

While you can set some menu control properties in the Menu Design window, all menu properties are available in the Properties window1K6JQPY.  To display the menu properties, select the menu name in the Objects list at the top of the Properties window.

When you create an MDI (Multiple-Document Interface) application, the menu bar on the MDI child formEXWLAX will replace the menu bar on the MDI form17QZO3L when the child form is active.


CaptionF6ZZXB                   Index3MKW18P                      Tag6GI6KP

Checked3OHLUZU                 Name2016V9P                     Visible32KNZA4

Enabled3XD4FN                  Parent17GLLBF                    WindowList1XSC6RN

HelpContextID764PDR        ShortCut1M4P4X7





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