Picture Box Control

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A picture box can display a graphic from a bitmap1MF6V4R, icon529QBG, or metafile13MILUI.  It displays only as much of the graphic as fits into the rectangle that you've drawn with the picture box tool.


You can also use a picture box to group option buttons217W4B9 and to display output from graphics methods and text written with the Print9V51E5 method.

To make a picture box automatically resize to display an entire graphic, set its AutoSize2ZZ9BBZ property to True.

To create animation or simulation, you can manipulate the graphics properties and methods in your code.  Graphics properties and events are useful for run-time print operations, such as modifying the format of a screen form for printing.

A picture box can also act as a destinationHF8UZ8 link in a DDEDEFDDE conversation.

The picture box is the only standard Visual Basic control that you can place in the client areaFXH476 of an MDI form17QZO3L.  You can use it to group controls at the top or bottom of the client area to create a toolbar or status bar.


Graphics properties are indicated with an asterisk (*).'

Align34CYZZ5                      *FillStyle2N3S7OE                 LinkTimeout3OGSG5

*AutoRedraw1UY7ZM3          *FontBold5NZYQSD               LinkTopicEVWV3S

AutoSize2ZZ9BBZ                 *FontItalic5NZYQSD               MousePointer1VSV6UM

BackColor1W9T6JQ              *FontNameB3RMO3             Name2016V9P

BorderStyle43RNRL            *FontSizeB3WV13                Parent17GLLBF

*ClipControls2102ZSX          *FontStrikethru5NZYQSD       Picture4GBE5Q

*CurrentX9TOITD               *FontTransparent5NZYQSD    *ScaleHeight3J8U7ZN

*CurrentY9TOITD               *FontUnderline5NZYQSD        *ScaleLeft138Z3ME

DataField8JGM9OY                *ForeColor1W9T6JQ              *ScaleMode5SNY0BP

DataSource5ODG8DC            hDCZVPW3G                       *ScaleTop138Z3ME

DragIcon3G3M07O                HeightL14VJZ                    *ScaleWidth3J8U7ZN

DragModeS9LGP1              HelpContextID764PDR        TabIndexH38QPT

*DrawMode2ZATBSD             hWnd1CIW7KQ                     TabStop81MAWZ

*DrawStyle4PNS0NQ             Image6AEZWAR                     Tag6GI6KP

*DrawWidthMEUSKJ            Index3MKW18P                      Top1CIZPD6

Enabled3XD4FN                  Left1CIZPD6                        Visible32KNZA4

*FillColorL2TW7M                LinkItem2NMGNS5                 WidthL14VJZ





Change8DZUNR                  KeyPressPFFDUA               LostFocus2ZXQDAR

Click68UQAKP                      KeyUpRI06O6                    MouseDownD0VNMJ

DblClick2UG5QK1                 LinkClose17O5TU0               MouseMove1D70SW5

DragDrop1EBOJGL               LinkErrorEGZX07                MouseUpD0VNMJ

DragOver2TUGMAC               LinkNotify1PIR0GG               Paint25UTDKO

GotFocus32EWUCC               LinkOpenM1TL81                Resize2WM7WLP





Graphics methods are indicated with an asterisk (*).

*Circle38E9WK                   LinkRequest3HB029          Refresh3SMNZGP

*ClsLANCLS                       LinkSendH24SKI               *ScaleQ2ADWT

Drag2IEV8PA                      Move103G76J                      SetFocus4AVBOY

*LineGU01B0                      *Point3QAMBS                    *TextHeight4OFKMKO

LinkExecute0JJE0GF           *Print9V51E5                     *TextWidth8ZWV014

LinkPokeH222HJ               *PSet103J0PY                     ZOrder1YQ29TM



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