Clipboard Object



The Clipboard object is accessed with the keyword Clipboard, and is used to manipulate text and graphics on the ClipboardW4LZLB.  You can use this object to enable a user to copy, cut, and paste text or graphics in your application.


The Clipboard can contain several pieces of data as long as each piece is in a different format.  For example, you can use the SetData method to put a bitmap on the Clipboard with the CF_BITMAP format, and then use the SetText method with the CF_TEXT format to put text on the Clipboard.  You can then use the GetText method to retrieve the text, or the GetData method to retrieve the picture.  Data on the Clipboard is lost when another set of data of the same format is placed on the Clipboard either through code or a menu command.


ClearPMJHM6                      GetFormatNGJXI2             SetData3EBYPZ

GetDataZIOQ42                 GetTextZJ4U8E                 SetText3ES2UB