Printer Object

Properties5S8FF6            Methods1Q9W5C8


The Printer object is accessed with the keyword Printer.  It is used to control text and graphics printed on a page and to send output directly to the default system printer.  For example, you can use this object to manipulate the appearance of your printed output by changing fonts.


You may need to check and revise the layout of your forms if you want to print them.  When you use the Print9V51E5 method, graphical images are clipped at the bottom of the page and text is carried over to the next page.


CurrentX9TOITD                 FontNameB3RMO3               ScaleHeight3J8U7ZN

CurrentY9TOITD                 Fonts5O9Q07P                      ScaleLeft138Z3ME

DrawMode2ZATBSD              FontSizeB3WV13                 ScaleMode5SNY0BP

DrawStyle4PNS0NQ               FontStrikethru5NZYQSD         ScaleTop138Z3ME

DrawWidthMEUSKJ              FontTransparent5NZYQSD     ScaleWidth3J8U7ZN

FillColorL2TW7M                  FontUnderline5NZYQSD         TwipsPerPixelX0SDFRD

FillStyle2N3S7OE                  ForeColor1W9T6JQ               TwipsPerPixelY0SDFRD

FontBold5NZYQSD                 hDCZVPW3G                       WidthL14VJZ

FontCount8I4LCS               HeightL14VJZ

FontItalic5NZYQSD                PageBKGOU6




Circle38E9WK                     NewPage1UOETVR               ScaleQ2ADWT

EndDocRFC0FY                  Print9V51E5                      TextHeight4OFKMKO

LineGU01B0                       PSet103J0PY                       TextWidth8ZWV014