Image Control

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Image is a graphicalSZH8PW control that you can use to display a picture.


The image control uses fewer resources and repaints faster than a picture box31MYIWX control, but it supports only a subset of the picture box properties, events, and methods.  Use the StretchOAAZSP property to determine whether the picture is scaled to fit the control or vice versa.  Note that although you can place an image control within a container, an image control cannot act as a container.


BorderStyle43RNRL          HeightL14VJZ                         Picture4GBE5Q

DataField8JGM9OY              Index3MKW18P                           StretchOAAZSP

DataSource5ODG8DC          Left1CIZPD6                             Tag6GI6KP

DragIcon3G3M07O              MousePointer1VSV6UM              Top1CIZPD6

DragMode2ZATBSD            Name2016V9P                          Visible32KNZA4

Enabled3XD4FN                Parent17GLLBF                         WidthL14VJZ




Click68UQAKP                             MouseDownD0VNMJ

DblClick2UG5QK1                        MouseMove1D70SW5

DragDrop1EBOJGL                      MouseUpD0VNMJ




Drag2IEV8PA                             Refresh3SMNZGP

Move103G76J                            ZOrder1YQ29TM


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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 3, "Creating and Using Controls"