RowHeight Property

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Determines the height of the specified row in twips2SWJ8D3.  Not available at design time.


[form.]grid.RowHeight(rownum)[ = numericexpression ]


The minimum RowHeight is 1 pixel.  Users can change the RowHeight of any row at run time by placing the mouse pointer on a gridline between rows and then clicking and dragging.

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 3, "Creating and Using Controls"

RowHeight Property Example

The example sets the height of the current row to 500 twips when you click the form.  To try this example, create a new project, add GRID.VBX using the Add File command on the File menu, and then draw a grid.  Copy the code into the Declarations section, press F5 to run the program, and then select a cell and click the form.

Sub Form_Load ()

   Grid1.Rows = 5       ' Set columns and rows.

   Grid1.Cols = 7

End Sub


Sub Form_Click ()
   Grid1.RowHeight(Grid1.Row) = 500
End Sub