SelEndCol, SelStartCol, SelEndRow, SelStartRow Properties

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Determine the starting or ending row or column for a range of cells.  Not available at design time.

         SelEndColthe last selected column on the right.

         SelStartColthe first selected column on the left.

         SelEndRowthe lowest selected row.

         SelStartRowthe first selected row.


[form.]grid.SelEndCol[ = numericexpression ]

[form.]grid.SelStartCol[ = numericexpression ]

[form.]grid.SelEndRow[ = numericexpression ]

[form.]grid.SelStartRow[ = numericexpression ]


You can use these properties to select a specific region of the grid from code, or to read into code the dimensions of an area that the user selects.

SelStartCol and SelStartRow together specify the cell in the upper-left corner of a selected range.  SelEndCol and SelEndRow specify the cell in the lower-right corner of a selected range.

To specify a cell without moving the current selection, use the Col and RowL43H93 properties.

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 3, "Creating and Using Controls"