SelChange Event

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Occurs when the selected range changes to a different cell or range of cells.


Sub grid_SelChange ( )


The SelChange event occurs whenever the user clicks a cell other than the selected cell and as a user drags to select a new range of cells.  A user can also select a range of cells by pressing the Shift key and using the arrow keys.

You can trigger this event in code by changing the selected region using the SelEndCol, SelStartCol, SelEndRow, SelStartRow1Q7SBUK properties.

The RowColChange1P1L2J7 event also occurs when a user clicks a new cell but does not occur while a user drags the selection across the grid, or when you programmatically change the selection without moving the active cell.


See Also


RowColChange Event1P1L2J7

SelEndCol, SelStartCol, SelEndRow, SelStartRow Properties1Q7SBUK


Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 3, "Creating and Using Controls"