Archive, Hidden, Normal, System Properties

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File list box1M6S8UX.


Determine whether a file list box contains files with Archive, Hidden, Normal, or System attributes.


[form.]filelistbox.Archive[ = boolean ]

[form.]filelistbox.Hidden[ = boolean ]

[form.]filelistbox.Normal[ = boolean ]

[form.]filelistbox.System[ = boolean ]


The property settings are:

Setting             Description


True                 (Default for Archive, and Normal) Displays files with the property's attribute in the file list box.

False                (Default for Hidden and System) Does not display files with the property's attribute in the file list box.



Use these properties to specify which kinds of files to display in a file list box, based on standard file attributes used in the operating environment. Setting any of these properties with code at run time resets the list to display only those files with the corresponding attributes.

For example, in a search-and-replace operation you might want to display only System files by setting the System property to True, and the other properties to False.  Or, as part of a file backup procedure, you might set the Archive property to True to list only those files modified since the previous backup.

Data Type

IntegerDOKXHY (Boolean)

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 18, "Using the File-System Controls"

Chapter 19, "Processing Files"