ControlBox Property

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Specifies whether a Control-menu box1LEPVNO appears on a form at run time; read-only at run time.




The ControlBox property settings are:

Setting     Description


True         (Default) Displays the Control-menu box.

False        Removes the Control-menu box.



To display a Control-menu box, you must also set the form's BorderStyle43RNRL property to 1 (Fixed Single), 2 (Sizable), or 3 (Fixed Double).

Both modal1L0L9FR and modeless18PSOBN windows can include a Control-menu box.  The commands available at run time depend on the settings for related propertiesfor example, setting MaxButton117DCC7 and MinButton1B9HLHD to False disables the Maximize and Minimize commands on the Control menu, but the Move and Close commands remain available.

In Microsoft Windows version 3.0, an MDI child formEXWLAX appears with a Control-menu box regardless of the ControlBox setting.  However, if ControlBox is False, the menu appears without Close or Next commands.


Note   Settings you specify for ControlBox, BorderStyle, MaxButton, and MinButton are not reflected in the form's appearance until run time.


Data Type

IntegerDOKXHY (Boolean)

See Also


BorderStyle Property43RNRL

MaxButton Property117DCC7

MinButton Property1B9HLHD


Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 4, "Menus and Dialogs"