FontCount Property

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Applies To

Printer objectCBQUDQ, Screen object1052P0.


Specifies the number of fonts available for the current display device or currently active printer; not available at design time and read-only at run time.




Use this property with the Fonts5O9Q07P property to see a list of available screen or printer fonts.  Fonts available in Visual Basic vary according to your system configuration, display devices, and printing devices.

Data Type


See Also


FontName PropertyB3RMO3

Fonts Property5O9Q07P


Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 16, "Displaying and Printing Information"

FontCount Property Example

The example prints a list of the printer fonts in a list box.  To try this example, paste the code into the Declarations section of a form that has a list box control named List1.  Then Press F5  and click the form.

Sub Form_Click ()
  Dim I ' Declare variable.
  For I = 0 To Printer.FontCount -1      ' Determine number of fonts.
    List1.AddItem Printer.Fonts (I)      ' Put each font into list box.
  Next I
End Sub