Text Property

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Applies To

Combo box1YZXFF6, list boxG11UCK, text boxYPYZDG.


         Combo box (Style1L09GO8 property set to 0 (Dropdown Combo) or to 1 (Simple Combo)) and text boxdetermines the text contained in the edit area.

         Combo box (Style property set to 2 (Dropdown List)) and list boxdetermines the selected item in the list box; the value returned is always equivalent to the value returned by the expression List(listindex).  Read-only at design time; read-only at run time.



[form.]{ combobox|listbox|textbox}.Text[ = stringexpression ]


At design time only, the defaults for the Text property are:

         Combo box and text boxthe control's Name2016V9P property.

         List boxan empty string ("").


For a combo box with Style property set to 0 (Dropdown Combo) or to 1 (Simple Combo), or for a text box, this property is useful for reading the actual string contained in the edit area of the control.  For a setting 2 (Dropdown List) combo box or for a list box, you can use the Text property to determine the currently selected item.

The Text setting for a text box is limited to 2048 characters unless the MultiLine property is True, in which case the limit is about 32k.

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SelLength, SelStart, SelText PropertiesKLDRUM

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 3, "Creating and Using Controls"

Text Property Example

The example illustrates the Text property.  To try this example, paste the code into the Declarations section of a form that contains three text boxes and a command button.  Then press F5 and type something into Text1.

Sub Text1_Change ()

   Text2.Text = LCase(Text1.Text)' Display text as lowercase.

   Text3.Text = UCase(Text1.Text)        ' Display text as uppercase.

End Sub


Sub Command1_Click ()                    ' Delete text.

   Text1.Text = ""

End Sub