BackStyle Property

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Applies To

Label3MNIZ8D, shape9JZFLA.


Determines whether a label or the background of a shape is transparent or opaque.


[form.]{ label|shape}.BackStyle[ = numericexpression ]


The BackStyle property settings are:

Setting             Description


0                     Transparentbackground color and any graphics are visible behind the control.

1                     (Default) Opaquethe control's BackColor1W9T6JQ fills the control and obscures any color or graphics behind it.



You can use the BackStyle property to create transparent controls when you are using a background color on a form or picture box, or when you want to place a control over a picture.  Use an opaque control when you want it to stand out on a busy background.

A control's BackColor property is ignored if BackStyle = 0.

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BackColor, ForeColor Properties1W9T6JQ


Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 15, "Creating Graphics for Applications"

Chapter 16, "Displaying and Printing Information"