HideSelection Property

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Applies To

Text boxYPYZDG.


Specifies whether selected text appears highlighted when a control loses the focus.  Read-only at run time.




The HideSelection property settings are:

Setting             Description


True                 (Default) Selected text does not appear selected when the control loses the focus.

False                Selected text appears selected when the control loses the focus.



You can use this property to indicate which text is selected while another form or a dialog box has the focusfor example, in a spell-checking routine.

Data Type

IntegerDOKXHY (Boolean)

See Also

Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 3, "Creating and Using Controls"

HideSelection Property Example

The example lets you select text in each form and change the focus between forms by clicking the title bar.  In one form, the selection will remain visible even when the form is not active.  To try the example, create two forms and draw a text box on each.  Set the MultiLine property to True for both text boxes, and set the HideSelection property to False for one of the text boxes.  Paste the code into the Declarations section of both form modules and press F5.

Sub Form_Load ()
  Open "constant.txt" For Input As 1    ' Load file into text box.
  Text1.Text = Input$(LOF(1), 1)
  Close 1
  Form2.Visible = True                  ' Load Form2, if not already loaded.
  ' Position forms side by side.
  Form1.Move 0, 1050, Screen.Width / 2, Screen.Height
  Form2.Move Screen.Width / 2, 1050, Screen.Width / 2, Screen.Height
  ' Enlarge text box to fill form.
  Text1.Move 0, 0, ScaleWidth, ScaleHeight
End Sub