Professional Edition Help Files

In addition to the help files provided with the Standard Edition, these help files are included with the Professional Edition.  You can click on any help file to go to the main table of contents of that file.  If the file is not available, an error occurs.


Crystal Reports!JumpContents("crw.hlp")Documents the Crystal Reports application.

Custom Control Reference!JumpContents("ctrlref.hlp")Documents each of the cusom controls provided with the Professional Edition.

Help Compiler Reference!JumpContents("helpref.hlp")Documents the Windows Help application for Help writers and programmers.

Hotspot Editor!JumpContents("shed.hlp")Documents the segmented hypergraphic editor for creating hotspots within graphics for use in authoring Help files.

KnowledgeBase!JumpContents("vbknowlg.hlp")A collection of articles from Microsoft Technical Support with tips, ideas and solutions.

ODBC Installation Help!JumpContents("odbcinst.hlp")Documents the installation tools for ODBC.

Oracle ODBC Driver!JumpContents("drvoracl.hlp")Documents the ODBC driver for Oracle databases.

SQL Server ODBC Driver!JumpContents("drvssrvr.hlp")Documents the ODBC driver for SQL Server databases.

Visual Basic API Reference!JumpContents("vbapi.hlp")Documents the Custom Control Development Kit.

Windows 3.1 API for Visual Basic!JumpContents("win31api.hlp")Declarations, structures, and constants for the Windows API as used in Visual Basic.

Windows 3.1 SDK Help!JumpContents("win31wh.hlp")Documents Windows functions as used in the C programming language.


Note   When Visual Basic is installed, as each Help file is installed, it is listed in WINHELP.INI, located in your Windows directory.  If you move a Help file to a different directory, be sure to change the path in WINHELP.INI.  If a Help file does not exist, is not in your path, or is not in the directory specified in WINHELP.INI, WinHelp displays an appropriate message.