NewIndex Property

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Applies To

Combo box1YZXFF6, list boxG11UCK.


Specifies the index1L6K9K3 of the item most recently added to a combo box or list box.  Not available at design time; read-only at run time.


[form.]{ combobox|listbox}.NewIndex


This property is useful with sorted lists when you need a list of values that correspond to each item in the ItemDataJDHGK8 property array.  As you add an item in a sorted list, Visual Basic inserts the item in the list alphabetically.  This property tells you where the item was inserted so that you can insert a corresponding value in the ItemData property at the same index.

NewIndex will return -1 if there are no items in the list or if an item has been deleted since the last item was added.

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 3, "Creating and Using Controls"