Form Window

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Use a Form window to create the windows and dialog boxes in your application141RJVK.  You draw and view controlsXX9KJT in a Form window.

        To open a new Form window, choose New Form from the File menu or use the toolbar shortcut:

         To open an existing form from the Project window183GH18, select the form name and click the View Form button.  Click the View Code button to see the code.

         To add a form from another project to the current project, choose the Add File command from the File menu.


While you are designing a form:

         The Form window has a Control-menu box1LEPVNO, MinimizeJMJUIC and MaximizeBWJUIC buttons, and a title bar32N908X.  You can move and resize a Form window.  The form you design will have the same features at run timeCYRM35 and in an executable fileSFUXPY unless you specify otherwise in the form's properties.

         Use the tools in the Toolbox414LEZP to draw, size, and position controls.

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