Professional Edition Text Files

In addition to the text files provided with the Standard Edition, these text files are included with the Professional Edition.  You can click on any file to launch Notepad and load that file.  If the file is too large for Notepad, you may have to use a different word processor.


BTRIEVE.TXT!EF("notepad.exe btrieve.txt",0)Supplementary information on importing, exporting, or attaching Btrieve tables with Visual Basic.

ORACLE.TXT!EF("notepad.exe oracle.txt",0)Setup information for the ODBC Oracle driver to run with your ORACLE RDBMS software.  If you installed ODBC, this file is in your Windows\SYSTEM directory.

PERFORM.TXT!EF("notepad.exe perform.txt",0)Performance tuning tips for Visual Basic version 3.0 and Microsoft Access (TM) Relational Database System for Windows version 1.1.

SAMPLES.TXT!EF("notepad.exe samples.txt",0)List of applications written in Visual Basic that demonstrate techniques discussed in the printed documentation.

WIN30API.TXT!EF("notepad.exe winapi\win30api.txt",0)Global symbolic constants for Windows 3.0 API functions.

WIN31API.TXT!EF("notepad.exe winapi\win31api.txt",0)Global symbolic constants for Windows 3.1 API functions.

WINMMSYS.TXT!EF("notepad.exe winapi\winmmsys.txt",0)Type declarations and global symbolic constants for Windows 3.1 multimedia API functions.