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The Properties window contains the list of properties3MRB2KQ for a selected form5272EF or controlXX9KJT.  These properties can be changed at design time and the Properties window shows each property's current setting.  When you select multiple controls, the Properties window contains a list of the properties common to all the selected controls.


         To open the Properties window, choose Properties from the Window menu or press F4.

         To close the Properties window, double-click the Property window's Control menu1LEPVNO box.

         To return to the previous window, press Alt+F6.


The Properties window consists of:

         The Object box.  Located beneath the title bar, the Object box identifies the currently selected form or the currently selected control on the form.  Click the arrow at the right side of the Object box to see a list that includes the current form and all the controls on the form.  From the list, choose the current form or a control on the form whose properties you want to change.

         The Settings box.  Located beneath the Object box, the Settings box is where you make a change to the selected property.  If the arrow at the right side of the Settings box is dimmed, enter the property value directly by typing it in the Settings box.  If the arrow is not dimmed, click it and choose from the list of predefined settings for the property you have selected.  Click the Enter button1MFBOJ1 to accept the change, or click the Cancel button1H62MC to cancel the change.

         The Property list.  Located at the bottom of the Properties window, this two-column list shows all properties that can be changed at design time and their current settings.  For properties that have predefined settings, double-clicking on the property name in the Property list cycles through the available choices.  For properties with only two choices, double-clicking toggles between the two choices.

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