Menu Bar and Toolbar

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The Visual Basic menu bar includes a title bar32N908X, a Minimize buttonJMJUIC, a Maximize buttonBWJUIC, a Control menu1LEPVNO, and the names of the menus you can use in the active window.  Although the menu bar is initially displayed at the top of the screen, it can be moved to another location and resized.

         To open a menu and display its commands, click the menu name or press the access key3XSY0O6.

         To choose a command once you've opened a menu, click the command name or press the access key.  If there is a shortcut key for a command, it is indicated on the menu next to the command name.

         Commands followed by an ellipsis (...) display a dialog box where you provide more information before the command is executed.

         Closing the menu bar also closes Visual Basic.


The toolbar contains buttons that are shortcuts to some commonly used menu items and two indicators at the right that display the position and size of a selected form or control.

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