How to Use the Setup Toolkit

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You use the Setup Toolkit to create a setup program for your application using the following steps.  When you have finished this procedure, you'll have a set of distribution disks that a customer can use to install your application.

To create distribution disks for your application

1  Determine the files4EJPW4 you need to distribute.

2  Modify SETUP.LST1G8DGX to include all the files on your list.

3  Compress72C77FO the appropriate files.

4  Determine the layoutFS9M8Q of your distribution disks (which files on which disks).

5  Determine where to installAIGLZA the files on your customer's machine.

6  Write your setup program1VYLJTP.

7  Create your distribution disksGNI5U2.

8  Test your distribution disksBN8S5TX.