Files You Need to Distribute

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Before creating a setup program, you must determine which files to include on the distribution disks.  A setup program requires the following files:

File name             Description


SETUP.EXE         The preinstallation, or bootstrap, program.

SETUP1.EXE       Your customized setup program.

SETUP.LST          A text file that lists all the files SETUP.EXE preinstalls on your customer's machine.

VBRUN300.DLL    The Visual Basic run-time file required by all Visual Basic applications.

VER.DLL              A DLLDEFDLL that contains functions to locate the customer's \WINDOWS and \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directories and to use Microsoft Windows version-stamping information.


The user will need additional files to run your applicationfor example, data files, custom controls (.VBX), or DLLs.  Possible additional files include the following:

File name                            Description


YOURAPP.EXE                   Your application's .EXE file.

YOURAPP.DAT (optional)

YOURAPP.TXT (optional)

YOURAPP.INI (optional)      Data files (.DAT), text files (.TXT), or initialization files (.INI).

YOURCC.VBX (optional)      Custom controls that your application requires.

YOURDLL.DLL (optional)     DLLs that your application requires.


Note   Visual Basic does not compile custom controls and DLLs as part of your application's .EXE file.  If your application uses any custom controls or DLLs, you must include the appropriate .VBX and .DLL files on the distribution disks.


Depending on the operations your application performs and the custom controls it uses, you may also need to distribute other DLLs1LELRIK.