Modifying SETUP.LST

See Also16WVDFO

SETUP.LST is a text file that lists all the files SETUP.EXE preinstalls on your customer's machine.  After SETUP.EXE installs the files specified in SETUP.LST, it invokes your setup program.

The name of your setup program must be the first line in SETUP.LST.  You can give your setup program any name except SETUP.EXE, which is the name of the preinstallation program.  For example, you can name your setup program SETUP1.EXE, SETLOAN.EXE, or MYSETUP.EXE.

If you use SETUP1.MAK as a template for a setup program that doesn't call additional DLLsDEFDLL or use any custom controls, then SETUP.LST should contain only the name of your setup program, VBRUN300.DLL, and SETUPKIT.DLL.  Each file name in SETUP.LST must appear on a separate line.

In some cases, you may want to access DLLs or use custom controls in your setup program that are not already used by SETUP1.MAK.  If so, you must include the names of these files in SETUP.LST.