Creating Your Distribution Disks

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Before you copy files to the distribution disks, it's a good idea to label the disks.  On the first disk, attach a label that reads:


     Disk1: Setup Disk

     Insert this disk in drive A

     In the Program Manager, choose Run from the File menu

     Type a:setup and press Enter


This label provides all the instructions your customer needs to install your application.  You can label the remaining disks similarly.  For example:


     Disk2: MyApp


Now you are ready to copy your files to the appropriate distribution disks.

To create distribution disks

1  Rename VER.DLL to VER.DL_.  For example:

          rename a:ver.dll a:ver.dl_

You must change the VER.DLL file extension to .DL_ so that Microsoft Windows does not try to use it while the setup disk is in the floppy disk drive.

2  Copy these files onto the first disk:



    SETUP1.EXE (or whatever you've named your setup program)





If you've compressed any of these files, the last character of the file name will be an underscore (for example, VBRUN300.DL_).

3  Copy the remaining files as specified by your disk layout.