Creating a Setup Disk for ODBC Applications (Professional Edition Only)

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If you create an application that uses ODBC and you want to distribute that application, you must create an ODBC Setup Disk.  After you have installed your Visual Basic application on the user's machine (using a setup program you have written), you must install ODBC on the user's machine.

To Create an ODBC Setup Disk:

   1. Copy all the files in \ODBC subdirectory of the main Visual Basic directoryto a floppy disk.


Note  You may choose to not copy the files for ODBC drivers that your application does not use.


   2. After installing your application on the user's disk, run SETUP.EXE on the ODBC setup disk.  Either use the Shell function to run the ODBC SETUP.EXE from your setup program, or label the ODBC setup disk with a title such as "ODBC Setup Diskette.  Please run SETUP.EXE after installing the application.")


Note  To setup ODBC on a user's machine you must use the SETUP provided in the \ODBC directory.  Some of the ODBC files are compressed and you need SETUP to decompress and install them correctly.