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Table objectv


With data access, determines which existing index is the current index used to sort records in a Table and in recordsets created from that Table.  The default is blank.  Not available at design time; read/write at run time.


table.Index [ = indexname ]


The data in a table exists in the order it was entered.  Set the Index property to the name of an index to set the order to a named index in the Indexes collection of a TableDef object.

The specified index must already be defined.  If you set the Index property to an index that doesn't exist, or if the index isn't set when you use the Seek method, an error occurs.

To set this property with a data control, specify the TableDef, set the index, then Refresh the control:

Data1.RecordSource = "Publishers"
Data1.Database.TableDefs("Publishers").Index = "PrimaryKey"


In the Professional Edition, you can create a new Index in a Table by creating a new Index object, setting its properties, then appending it to the Indexes collection of the Table's TableDef.

You can use the Indexes collection of a TableDef to determine what indexes are available in a Table.

The records in a Table can be ordered only according to the indexes defined for it.  To sort the Table records in some other order, create a Dynaset or Snapshot that has a different sort order.  To specify the sort order for Dynasets and Snapshots, use the Sort property.

The Index property of a control is not the same as the Index property of a data access object.

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Data Access Guide:

Chapter 2, "Database Management Using Visual Basic"

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Programmer's Guide

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Index Property Example

See the example for the Unique property.