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Field objectKU5EEE.


Determines the maximum size, in bytes, of a specified Field1L3F0QJ.  Read-only when the Field is a member of the Fields collection17X8LRK of a TableDefK497U in an open Database.  Read/write only in the Professional Edition with a new object not yet appended to a collection, or with an existing Field object in a closed Database.


field.Size [ = sizenum ]


The Size property settings for specific Microsoft Access field data types are:

Size              Type    Description


1                   1          True/False

1                   2          Byte

2                   3          Integer

4                   4          Long

8                   5          Currency

4                   6          Single

8                   7          Double

8                   8          Date/Time

1 to 255         10        Text

0                   11        Long Binary

0                   12        Memo



The Size property is primarily determined by its Type property except for Text fields (type 10).  For Long Binary and Memo fields, the size is always 0.  You can use the FieldSize method to determine the size of the data in a specific record.  For Text fields, you can specify the maximum length of the Field in bytes.  The maximum Size for Text fields is 255.

To specify a Field using the data control, use the Fields collection of the Recordset property, or of a TableDef in the TableDefs collection of the control's Database property.  For example:

HowBig = Data1.Recordset.Fields("PubID").Size
HowBig = Data1.Database.TableDefs("Authors").Fields("LName").Size


The maximum size of individual records in Memo and Long Binary fields is limited only by your system resources.

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Data Access Guide:

Chapter 2, "Database Management Using Visual Basic"

Size, Type Properties Example (Professional Edition Only)

This example adds a new field to the set of Fields in the Calls table.

Const DB_TEXT = 10                        ' Type = Text.
Dim TempField As New Field                ' Create a new object.
TempField.Name = "Baseball League"        ' Set Field properties.
TempField.Type = DB_TEXT
TempField.Size = 20
' Append the new Field to the Fields collection.
MyDB.TableDefs("Publishers").Fields.Append TempField