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Index object1WDWMJT.


Determines whether an Index allows records with duplicate values in key fields.  This property is read-only if the Index is a member of the Indexes collection17X8LRK of a TableDef.  Read/write only in the Professional Edition with a new object not yet appended to a collection.


indexobject.Unique [ = True | False }]


The Unique property settings are:

Setting          Description


True              Records must be unique.

False             Records need not be unique.



If the Unique property of indexobject is True, then no two records can contain the same data value in the listed key fields.  An attempt to add or edit a record that results in a duplicate unique key generates an error when the record is updated.

With a data control, the Index must be a member of an Indexes collection.  To get the value of the Unique property, you can use the TableDefs collection of the Database property of a data control.  For example:

If Data1.Database.TableDefs("Areas").Indexes("Full Name").Unique Then...


In the Professional Edition, you can also use an object variableZ3R9Q5 of type Index.  You can create a new Index in a Table by creating a New Index object, setting its properties, then adding it to the Indexes collection of the table's TableDef object with the Append method.

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Data Access Guide:

Chapter 2, "Database Management Using Visual Basic"

Index (Data Access), Unique Properties Example (Professional Edition Only)

This example adds a new Index to a TableDef, then makes that index the current index, and creates a Dynaset based on the Table.

Const DB_TEXT = 10                       ' Type = Text.
Dim Tb As Table, Dn As Dynaset
TempIndex As New Index                   ' Create a new object.
TempIndex.Name = "PubID Name"            ' Set Index properties.
TempIndex.Fields = "PubID;Name"
TempIndex.Unique = True
' Append the new Index to the Indexes collection
MyDB.TableDefs("Publishers").Indexes.Append TempIndex
Set Tb = MyDB.OpenTable("Publishers")    ' Open the table.
Tb.Index = "PubID Name"                  ' Set table's current index.
Set Dn = Tb.CreateDynaset()              ' Create Dynaset on the table.