Accessibility for People With Disabilities

Microsoft is committed to making its products and services easier for everyone to use.  This help file provides information about the following products and services, which make Microsoft Windows more accessible for people with disabilities:


Microsoft support services for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing50ZS6C

Access Pack for Microsoft Windows, a software utility that makes using Microsoft Windows easier for people with motion or hearing disabilities1NH7XD1

Keyboard layouts designed for people who type with only one hand or a wandR64QXO

Microsoft software documentation on audio cassettes and floppy disks8WFG0Y6

Products available for people who are blind or have low visionEC1ASU

Hints for customizing Microsoft Windows25IH4Z4

Information about other products and services for people with disabilitiesSQLI1F



Note   The information in this section applies only to Windows users in the United States.  If you are outside the United States, your Windows package contains a subsidiary information card listing product support telephone numbers and addresses.  You can contact your subsidiary to find out whether the type of products and services described in this help file are available in your area.