Keyboard Layouts for Single-Handed Users

Microsoft distributes Dvorak keyboard layouts that make the most frequently typed characters on a keyboard more accessible to people who have difficulty using the standard "QWERTY" layout.  There are three Dvorak layouts: one for two-handed users, one for people who type only with their left hand, and one for people who type only with their right hand.  The left or right hand keyboard layouts can also be used by people who type with a single finger or a wand.  You do not need to purchase any special equipment in order to use these features.

Microsoft Windows already supports the Dvorak keyboard layout, which can be useful for coping with or avoiding types of repetitive motion injuries associated with typing.  The two layouts for people who type with only one hand are distributed as Microsoft Application Note GA0650.  It is also contained in file GA0650.ZIP on most network services or GA0650.EXE on the Microsoft Download Service.  For instructions on obtaining this application note see Access Pack for Microsoft Windows1NH7XD1