String Data Type

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There are two kinds of strings:

         Variable-length strings, which can contain up to approximately 65,500 characters.  Because some storage overhead is required, a string can't actually be 64K long.

         Fixed-length strings, which contain a declared number of characters (less than 64K).

The type-declaration character4TVC9NP for a String is $ (ANSI5221FB character 36).  The codes for String characters range from 0 to 255.  String characters used by all applications designed for Microsoft Windows consist of ANSI characters.  The first 128 characters (0-127) correspond to the letters and symbols on a standard U.S. keyboard.  These first 128 characters are the same as those defined by the ASCII1KYP8NO character set.  The second 128 characters (128-255) represent special characters, such as letters in international alphabets, accents, currency symbols, and fractions.

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