Rnd Function

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Returns a random number.




The argument number can be any valid numeric expression71RISN.

The Rnd function returns a Single value less than 1 but greater than or equal to 0.

The value of number determines how Rnd generates a random number:

Value of number                 Number returned


< 0                                       The same number every time, as determined by number.

> 0                                       The next random number in the sequence.

= 0                                       The number most recently generated.

number omitted                    The next random number in the sequence.

The same random-number sequence is generated every time the program is run because each successive call to the Rnd function uses the previous random number as a seed3F5TPW7 for the next number in the random-number sequence.

To have the program generate a different random-number sequence each time it is run, use the Randomize statement without an argument to initialize the random-number generator before Rnd is called.

To produce random integers in a given range, use this formula:

   Int((upperbound - lowerbound + 1) * Rnd + lowerbound)


Here, upperbound is the highest number in the range, and lowerbound is the lowest number in the range.

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Rnd Function Example

The example uses the Rnd function to simulate rolling a pair of dice by generating random values from 1 to 6.  Each time this program is run, Randomize uses the Timer function to generate a new random-number sequence.  To try this example, paste the code into the Declarations section of a form.  Then press F5 and click the form.


Sub Form_Click ()

   Dim Dice1, Dice2, Msg              ' Declare variables.

   Randomize                          ' Seed random number generator.

   Dice1 = Int(6 * Rnd + 1)           ' Generate first die value.

   Dice2 = Int(6 * Rnd + 1)           ' Generate second die value.

   Msg = "You rolled a " & Dice1

   Msg = Msg & " and a " & Dice2

   Msg = Msg & " for a total of "

   Msg = Msg & (Dice1 + Dice2) & "."

   MsgBox Msg                         ' Display message.

End Sub