ChDrive Statement

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Changes the current drive.


ChDrive drive


The argument drive is a string expression1330R89 that specifies a new default drive.  It corresponds to an existing drive and must be in the range A to lastdrive, where lastdrive is the maximum drive letter you set in your CONFIG.SYS file.

If you supply a zero-length argument (""), the current drive doesn't change.  If the argument drive is a multiple-character string, ChDrive uses only the first letter.

Use the CurDir[$] function to determine the current drive and directory and the ChDir statement to change the default directory.

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ChDrive Statement Example

The example changes the currently logged drive to the new drive indicated by the letter entered by the user.  To try this example, paste the code into the Declarations section of a form.  Then press F5 and click the form.


Sub Form_Click ()

   On Error Resume Next

   Dim CurPath, Drive, HasColon, Msg, NewDrive, NL   ' Declare variables

   NL = Chr(10)                             ' Define newline.

   CurPath = CurDir                         ' Get current path.

   If Err = 68 Then                         ' In case current

      Drive = "invalid."                    ' drive is invalid

      Err = 0                               ' reset error to 0.


      Drive = Left(CurPath, 2)              ' Get drive letter.

   End If

   Msg = "Your currently logged drive is " & Drive & NL & NL

   Msg = Msg & "Enter the letter of another drive to make the "

   Msg = Msg & "logged drive."

   NewDrive = InputBox(Msg)                 ' Prompt for new drive.

   HasColon = InStr(1, NewDrive, ":")       ' Check for colon.

   ' If there is no colon, append one to NewDrive.

   If Not HasColon Then NewDrive = Left(NewDrive, 1) & ":"

   ChDrive NewDrive                         ' Change drive.

   Select Case Err

      Case 68                               ' Device unavailable error.

         Msg = "That drive is not available. No drive change "

         Msg = Msg & "was made."

      Case 71                               ' Disk not ready error.

         Msg = "Close the door on your drive and try again."

      Case 5                                ' Illegal function call.

         Msg = "You probably didn't enter a drive letter. No drive "

         Msg = Msg & "change was made."

      Case Else

         Msg = "Drive changed to " & UCase(NewDrive)

   End Select

   MsgBox Msg                               ' Display results.

End Sub