SetText Method

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Puts a text string in the operating environment Clipboard using the specified Clipboard format.


Clipboard.SetText data [,format]


The SetText method has these parts:

Part               Description


data               String data to be placed on the Clipboard.

format            One of the following Clipboard formats recognized by Visual Basic.  If format is omitted, CF_TEXT is assumed.


Symbolic constant   Value      Clipboard format


CF_LINK                   &HBF00   DDE conversation information

CF_TEXT                  1             Text



Note  Symbolic constants for Clipboard format definitions can be found in the Visual Basic file CONSTANT.TXT. When placed in any module in a project, the symbolic names can be used in all your form and code modules.


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SetText Method Example

The example uses the SetText method to copy text from a text box to the Clipboard. To try this example, paste the code into the Declarations section of a form with a text box named Text1. Then press F5 and click the form.


Sub Form_Click ()

   Const CF_TEXT = 1                           ' Define bitmap format.

   Dim I, Msg, Temp                            ' Declare variables.

   On Error Resume Next                        ' Set up error handling.

   Msg = "Type anything you like into the text box below."

   Text1.Text = InputBox(Msg)                  ' Get text from user.

   Msg = "Choose OK to copy the contents of the text box "

   Msg = Msg & "to the Clipboard."

   MsgBox Msg                                  ' Display message.

   ClipBoard.Clear                             ' Clear Clipboard.

   Clipboard.SetText Text1.Text                ' Put text on Clipboard.

   If Clipboard.GetFormat(CF_TEXT) Then

      Text1.Text = ""                          ' Clear the text box.

      Msg = "The text is now on the Clipboard. Choose OK "

      Msg = Msg & "to copy the text from the Clipboard back "

      Msg = Msg & "to the text box."

      MsgBox Msg                               ' Display message.

      Temp = Clipboard.GetText(CF_TEXT)        ' Get Clipboard text.

      For I = Len(Temp) To 1 Step -1           ' Reverse the text.

         Text1.Text = Text1.Text & Mid(Temp, I, 1)  

      Next I


      Msg = "There is no text on the Clipboard."

      MsgBox Msg                               ' Display error message.

   End If

End Sub