Arrange Method

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Arranges the windows or icons within an MDI Form.


mdiform.Arrange arrangement


The Arrange method has these parts:

Part               Description


mdiform         Name of the MDI form whose child windows or icons are to be arranged.

arrangement  One of the following values that indicate how to arrange windows or icons on an MDI Form:


Symbolic constant






Cascade all non-minimized MDI child forms.



Tile all non-minimized MDI child forms horizontally.



Tile all non-minimized MDI child forms vertically.



Arrange icons for minimized MDI child forms.


Windows or icons are arranged even if the MDI form is minimized.  Results are visible when the form is next changed from the minimized state


Note   Symbolic constants for arrangement definitions can be found in the Visual Basic file CONSTANT.TXT.  When placed in any module in a project, the symbolic names can be used in all your form and code modules.


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Arrange Method Example

The example uses the Arrange method to arrange windows and icons in an MDI form.  To try this example, paste the code into the Declarations section of an MDI Form named MDIForm1 that has an MDI child form (named Form1), and a picture box (named Picture1).  Then press F5 and click anywhere in the picture box to see the effects of the Arrange method.



Dim F(1 To FORMCOUNT) As New Form1

Sub MDIForm_Load ()

   Dim I                                 ' Declare local variable.

   Load Form1                            ' Load original Form1.

   For I = 1 To FORMCOUNT

      F(I).Caption = "Form" & I + 1      ' Change caption on copies.

   Next I

End Sub


Sub Picture1_Click ()

   Static ClickCount                     ' Declare variables.

   Dim I, PrevWidth, Start

   ClickCount = ClickCount + 1           ' Increment click counter.

   Select Case ClickCount

      Case 1

         MDIForm1.Arrange 1              ' Tile horizontally.

      Case 2

         MDIForm1.Arrange 2              ' Tile vertically.

      Case 3                             ' Minimize each form.

         PrevWidth = MDIForm1.Width      ' Get MDIForm width.

         MDIForm1.Width = PrevWidth / 2  ' Divide it in half.

         Form1.WindowState = 1           ' Minimize the original.

         For I = 1 To FORMCOUNT          ' Look at each instance of F.

            F(I).WindowState = 1         ' Minimize each copy of F.

         Next I

         Start = Timer


         Loop Until Timer = Start + 5

         MDIForm1.Width = PrevWidth      ' Resize to original size

         MDIForm1.Arrange 3              ' Arrange icons

   End Select

End Sub