Out of stack space

Error 28


Possible Causes:

         Too many active Function or Sub calls.  Check that both event and general recursive procedures are not nested too deeply and that they terminate properly.

         A cascading events3N94RC2 will cause this error.

         Local variables require more local variable space than is available.  Try declaring some variables at the module level1HVGZGT instead.  You can also use the Static keyword with SubLANSUB or FunctionEZ33BF to declare the entire procedure, in which case all local variables will be static. Or you can use the StaticCC4JTI statement to declare static variables within individual procedures

         Fixed-length strings use more stack space than variable-length strings.  Try redefining some of your fixed-length strings as variable-length strings.

         Too many nested DoEventsNPKPD0 statements.

Use the "Calls" menu to view which procedures are active (on the stack).