DDE method invoked with no channel open

Error 293


A DDE method (LinkExecute0JJE0GF, LinkPokeH222HJ, LinkRequest3HB029, or LinkSendH24SKI) was performed on a control that is not involved in a valid DDE conversation.

Possible causes:

         Changing the LinkTopicEVWV3S property terminates an existing DDE conversation but does not automatically establish a new conversation.  After changing the LinkTopic property for a control, you must set the LinkModeM1RK6S property to 1 (Automatic) or 2 (Manual) before executing a DDE method on this control.

         You executed a DDE method on a control with LinkMode set to 0 (None).  Set the LinkMode to 1 (Automatic) or 2 (Manual) and try again.