'item' property can't be set at run time

Error 382


The following properties can't be set at run time:

ActiveControlJCXG6P                                                  ActiveFormGCUI9X      

BorderStyle43RNRL (for form and text box only)           ControlBox35ZQLA

Fonts5O9Q07P                                                              FontCount8I4LCS        

hDCZVPW3G                                                               hWnd1CIW7KQ

Image6AEZWAR                                                             Index3MKW18P

ListBKCX6E                                                                 ListCount4E91QN

MaxButton117DCC7                                                      MinButton1B9HLHD

MultiLineCTJIN8                                                         Name2016V9P

Parent17GLLBF                                                            ScrollBars1V1TUSJ

Sorted1X3XZPF                                                            Style1L09GO8

Text14TWSRU (for list box and combo box only)             WidthL14VJZ (for Screen only)