Couldn't delete from specified tables.

Error 3086

You tried to delete data from one or more tables, but the deletion couldn't be completed.

Possible causes:

          You don't have permission to modify the table.  To change your permissions assignments, see your system administrator or the table's creator.

          The database was opened for read-only8VYT0Y1 access.  The database is read-only for one of these reasons:

    You used the OpenDatabase18AIK1S function and opened the database for read-only access.

    You used the Data control and set the ReadOnly property to True..

    The database file has been defined as read-only in the database server operating system or by your network.

    In a network environment, you don't have write privileges for the database file.

To delete the data, close the database, resolve the read-only condition, and then reopen the file for read/write access.