Couldn't find installable ISAM.

Error 3170

An installable ISAM dynamic link libraryDEFDLL (DLL) file couldn't be found.  This file is required for operations such as attaching external tables (other than ODBC and Visual Basic/Microsoft Access tables).

Possible causes:

          An entry in the [Installable ISAM] section in the .INI file isn't valid.  For example, this error occurs if you're using a Paradox external database, and the Paradox entry points to a nonexistent directory.  Exit the application, correct any invalid entries using Microsoft Windows Notepad or another text editor, and try the operation again.

          One of the entries in the [Installable ISAM] section in the .INI file points to a network drive, and that network isn't connected.  Check to make sure the network is available, and then try the operation again.