Trappable Data Access Errors

Trappable Data
Access Errors



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Trappable errors can occur while an application is running, either within the Visual Basic environment or as a stand-alone executable.  These errors may be generated in operations that involve the data access functionality of Visual Basic.  You can test and respond to trappable errors using the On Error3PFT0KD statement and the Err3XXD805 function.

Remember, while developing in Visual Basic you can get help on any message by pressing F1.

Code   Message


     600   Set value not allowed on collectionsLC7RX6

     601   Get value not allowed on collectionsLC7FX6

     602   General ODBC error: 'Item'14UJPI6

     603   ODBC - SQLAllocEnv failure5966N1

     604   ODBC - SQLAllocConnect failure5965AI

     605   OpenDatabase - invalid connect string18ESC0U

     606   ODBC - SQLConnect failure 'Item'4WBJBB

     607   Access attempted on unopened DataBaseK8JWT4

     608   ODBC - SQLFreeConnect error5TFT1W

     609   ODBC - GetDriverFunctions failure1XS00YB

     610   ODBC - SQLAllocStmt failureCKFW10

     611   ODBC - SQLTables (TableDefs.Refresh) failure: 'Item'6IA8QK

     612   ODBC - SQLBindCol failure328UEYD

     613   ODBC - SQLFetch failure: 'Item'1N8ZWTG

     614   ODBC - SQLColumns (Fields.Refresh) failure: 'Item'4UIRMA

     615   ODBC - SQLStatistics (Indexes.Refresh) failure: 'Item'3P77CUW

     616   Table exists - append not allowed4XSEZA

     617   No fields defined - cannot append tableJPTAOO

     618   ODBC - SQLNumResultCols (CreateDynaset) failure: 'Item'15IAFX0

     619   ODBC - SQLDescibeCol (CreateDynaset) failure: 'Item'4OJ0XMB

     621   Row-returning SQL is illegal in ExecuteSQL method4VEC0PT

     622   CommitTrans/Rollback illegal - Transactions not supportYOM1KX

     623   Name not found in this collection96SS0OZ

     624   Unable to Build Data Type Table68OY79

     625   Data type of field 'Item' not supported by target database4HP80FM

     626   Attempt to Move past EOF5QT3ZQE

     627   Dynaset is not updatable or Edit method has not been invoked1RKJ3A7

     628   'Item' Dynaset method illegal - no scrollable cursor support4XQ09XL

     629   Warning: Item (ODBC - SQLSetConnectOption failure)15D3QU2

     630   Property is read-onlyXVJLLG

     631   Zero rows affected by Update method0L2G071

     632   Update illegal without previous Edit or AddNew method11LKSY9

     633   Append illegal - Field is part of a TableDefs collection1YYI83Q

     634   Property value only valid when Field is part of a DynasetABYAXO

     635   Cannot set the property of an object which is part of a Database object607BI

     636   Set field value illegal without previous Edit or AddNew method10G7YTD

     637   Append illegal - Index is part of a TableDefs collectionAF506JX

     637   Append illegal - Index is part of a TableDefs collectionAF506JX

     638   Access attempted on unopened Dynaset1YQT1CI

     639   Field type is illegal2L5RMXM

     640   Field size illegal for specified Field Type05ET96Q

     642   Reserved parameter must be FALSEE583TE

     643   Property Not Found3EDP0SR

     644   ODBC - SQLConfigDataSource error 'Item'SY1HRI

     645   ODBC Driver does not support exclusive access to DynasetsFKZH38

     646   GetChunk: Offset/Size argument combination illegal322N0U6

     647   Delete method requires a name argument2OHTMT

     648   Data access objects require VBDB300.DLLJCT8WD

     625   Data type of field 'Item' not supported by target database4HP80FM

     631   Zero rows affected by Update method0L2G071

     639   Field type is illegal2L5RMXM

     640   Field size illegal for specified Field Type05ET96Q

     641   Item illegal - no current recordY047GS

     642   Reserved parameter must be FALSEE583TE

     646   GetChunk: Offset/Size argument combination illegal322N0U6

   2420   Syntax error in number52JI8B9

   2421   Syntax error in date6ZMF0V6

   2422   Syntax error in stringUE50OZ

   2423   Invalid use of '.', '!', or '()'.5OSTXSP

   2424   Unknown name16UBYTI

   2425   Unknown function nameDL924Y

   2426   Function isn't available in expressions4U3R0T

   2427   Object has no value1LE8QQD

   2428   Invalid arguments used with domain function389WZC5

   2429   In operator without ()1OMUC0P

   2430   Between operator without And11X4580

   2431   Syntax error1RNEPZM

   2432   Syntax error3AXD0QK

   2433   Syntax errorQX6ZCL

   2434   Syntax error15E9QCK

   2435   Extra )111XA08

   2436   Missing ), ], or ItemEEYIFP

   2437   Invalid use of vertical barsUEPDV0

   2438   Syntax error52O6TJ0

   2439   Wrong number of arguments used with function4OTF0Y6

   2440   IIF function without ()52JI332

   2442   Invalid use of parentheses25CBNW5

   2443   Invalid use of Is operator1LKPW1K

   2445   Expression too complex1GF0LBL

   2447   Invalid use of '.', '!', or '()'.CN0RRW

   2448   Can't set value.1I5UAWZ

   2449   Invalid method in expression.1WY10PU

   2450   Invalid reference to form 'Item'.2F7T10N

   2451   Invalid reference to report 'Item'.21XXAT0

   2452   Invalid reference to Parent property.KBB8LE

   2453   Invalid reference to control 'Item'.DRMYYT

   2454   Invalid reference to '!Item'.1NKH7M6

   2455   Invalid reference to property 'Item'.GLO603

   2456   Invalid form number reference.1ZCBLUJ

   2457   Invalid report number reference.8B8X5L

   2458   Invalid control number reference.1MWJGP0

   2459   Can't refer to Parent property in Design view.12PJDB0

   2460   Can't refer to Dynaset property in Design view.5QXU97L

   2461   Invalid section reference.2L04Z4C

   2462   Invalid section number reference.1N7CFGH

   2463   Invalid group level reference.LAC5X0

   2464   Invalid group level number reference.7RURTJ

   2465   Invalid reference to field 'Item'.SOSJRM

   2466   Invalid reference to Dynaset property.1NR0ZP1

   2467   Object referred to in expression no longer exists.JC08AE

   2468   Invalid argument used with DatePart, DateAdd or DateDiff function.SCH7CW

   2469   Item1 in validation rule: 'Item2'.00V60NI

   2470   Item in validation rule.OZGGEX

   2471   Item in query.1VQX3ZP

   2472   Item in linked master field.2OTEDZP

   2473   Item1 in 'Item2' expression.19L83WR

   2474   No control is active.L2W39V

   2475   No form is active.3438X4L

   2476   No report is active.XH44MC

   2477   Invalid subclass 'Item' referred to in TypeOf function.BEQRPP

   3001   Invalid argument.4OH9L8G

   3002   Couldn't start session.IX2S0B

   3003   Couldn't start transaction; too many transactions already nested.FH059A

   3004   Couldn't find database 'Item'.5OCCX1

   3005   'Item' isn't a valid database name.74L1O3

   3006   Database 'Item' is exclusively locked.D203C0

   3007   Couldn't open database 'Item'.UE2BN4

   3008   Table 'Item' is exclusively locked.19JJO0V

   3009   Couldn't lock table 'Item'; currently in use.1JQA8T6

   3010   Table 'Item' already exists.2P9LI75

   3011   Couldn't find object 'Item'.6O6JTB

   3012   Object 'Item' already exists.1EZHNZE

   3013   Couldn't rename installable ISAM file.1YPP6E5

   3014   Can't open any more tables.MIJX30

   3015   'Item' isn't an index in this table.50FRI4

   3016   Field won't fit in record.31WTYCK

   3017   Field length is too long.5ASXZ5O

   3018   Couldn't find field 'Item'.30ECMN

   3019   Operation invalid without a current index.FWVJSI

   3020   Update without Addor Edit.19JHDOI

   3021   No current record.NHAAF8

   3021   No current record.NHAAF8

   3022   Can't have duplicate key; index changes were unsuccessful.198C3PM

   3023   Addor Edit already used.F0O3Q9

   3024   Couldn't find file 'Item'.7YGWAC

   3025   Can't open any more files.0H11JG

   3026   Not enough space on disk.222RAW3

   3027   Couldn't update; database is read-only.8YPA8WP

   3028   Couldn't initialize data access because file 'SYSTEM.MDA' couldn't be opened.9OLZ0Z7

   3029   Not a valid account name or password.1RE0I93

   3030   'Item' isn't a valid account name.ZOT8U2

   3031   Not a valid password.1D9WUNS

   3032   Can't delete account.A9KY8MH

   3033   No permission for 'Item'.HU7SUL

   3034   Commit or Rollback without BeginTrans.3PE6PDA

   3036   Database has reached maximum size.1WPGEPY

   3037   Can't open any more tables or queries.XFLKEB

   3039   Couldn't create index; too many indexes already defined.1MOZBXK

   3040   Disk I/O error during read.RGAOYH

   3041   Incompatible database version.AULACF

   3042   Out of MS-DOS file handles.O9SMVR

   3043   Disk or network error.146LAI7

   3044   'Item' isn't a valid path.22Q8JFJ

   3045   Couldn't use 'Item'; file already in use.3Z340IB

   3046   Couldn't save; currently locked by another user.2HL966P

   3047   Record is too large.21T574G

   3048   Can't open any more databases.FEAU23

   3049   'Item' is corrupted or isn't a Microsoft Access database.3VC7CCP

   3050   Couldn't lock file; SHARE.EXE hasn't been loaded.KUNP4F

   3051   Couldn't open file 'Item'.24R07TC

   3052   MS-DOS file sharing lock count exceeded.  You need to increase the number of locks installed with SHARE.EXE.FLR47Y

   3053   Too many client tasks.NVNR4L

   3054   Too many Memo or Long Binary fields.1JFH2M5

   3055   Not a valid file name.GMHYIG

   3056   Couldn't repair this database.O68EVF

   3057   Operation not supported on attached tables.8FEMXD

   3058   Can't have Null value in index.11T2H54

   3059   Operation canceled by user.HB3BJP

   3060   Wrong data type for parameter 'Item'.HW088N

   3061   Item1 parameters were expected, but only Item2 were supplied.1JCUVP

   3062   Duplicate output alias 'Item'.I8K1DH

   3063   Duplicate output destination 'Item'.MIE5PD

   3064   Can't open action query 'Item'.012HQL

   3065   Can't execute a non-action query.2NIDXY1

   3066   Query must have at least one output field.1V5JM55

   3067   Query input must contain at least one table or query.18PFXGJ

   3068   Not a valid alias name.GXUC9V

   3069   Can't have action query '<Item>' as an input.1NPD46P

   3070   Can't bind name 'Item'.909W9SB

   3071   Can't evaluate expression.1DTV4GH

   3073   Operation must use an updatable query.IU7F7J

   3074   Can't repeat table name 'Item' in FROM clause.GNAQ3E

   3075   Item1 in query expression 'Item2'.93BD6I

   3076   Item in criteria expression.B8CJH

   3077   Item in expression.5ECHXI

   3078   Couldn't find input table or query 'Item'.FBZS0E

   3079   Ambiguous field reference 'Item'.BS1GNN

   3080   Joined table 'Item' not listed in FROM clause.38E5VB7

   3081   Can't join more than one table with the same name (Item).3K05J3G

   3082   JOIN operation 'Item' refers to a non-joined table.8JVV2S

   3083   Can't use internal report query.3J1S0UO

   3084   Can't insert into action query.JGR5NM

   3085   Undefined function 'Item' in expression.51RZDYV

   3086   Couldn't delete from specified tables.ADA2ZS

   3087   Too many expressions in GROUP BY clause.8YNS98D

   3088   Too many expressions in ORDER BY clause.6YA50JK

   3089   Too many expressions in DISTINCT output.C9LE6O

   3090   Resultant table may not have more than one Counter field.1QBIQFC

   3091   HAVING clause (Item) without grouping or aggregation.HBU5O0

   3092   Can't use HAVING clause in TRANSFORM statement.1GYGLW2

   3093   ORDER BY clause (Item) conflicts with DISTINCT.B2PDHF

   3094   ORDER BY clause (Item) conflicts with GROUP BY clause.1361VFN

   3095   Can't have aggregate function in expression (Item).7KVG0YT

   3096   Can't have aggregate function in WHERE clause (Item).DWQA2K

   3097   Can't have aggregate function in ORDER BY clause (Item).1XMETAF

   3098   Can't have aggregate function in GROUP BY clause (Item).P4LMT0

   3099   Can't have aggregate function in JOIN operation (Item).5FIX0QL

   3100   Can't set field 'Item' in join key to Null.1NYWYUG

   3101   Join is broken by value(s) in fields 'Item'.1AJK078

   3102   Circular reference caused by 'Item'.2ZTZPB5

   3103   Circular reference caused by alias 'Item' in query definition's SELECT list.39YUR

   3104   Can't specify Fixed Column Heading 'Item' in a crosstab query more than once.MPMWEO

   3105   Missing destination field name in SELECT INTO statement (Item).21RTISZ

   3106   Missing destination field name in UPDATE statement (Item).BMIW4DM

   3107   Couldn't insert; no insert permission for table or query 'Item'.14IW659

   3108   Couldn't replace; no replace permission for table or query 'Item'.ED5U4A

   3109   Couldn't delete; no delete permission for table or query 'Item'.11G0B15

   3110   Couldn't read definitions; no read definitions permission for table or query 'Item'.09L961

   3111   Couldn't create; no create permission for table or query 'Item'.1VHNZIE

   3112   Couldn't read; no read permission for table or query 'Item'.3MM22ED

   3113   Can't update 'Item'; field not updatable.I268SO

   3114   Can't include Memo or Long Binary when you select unique values (Item).A6KEW6

   3115   Can't have Memo or Long Binary in aggregate argument (Item).H54WRW

   3116   Can't have Memo or Long Binary in criteria (Item) for aggregate function.1A4SV

   3117   Can't sort on Memo or Long Binary (Item).4N4VYJD

   3118   Can't join on Memo or Long Binary (Item).HZWO8B

   3119   Can't group on Memo or Long Binary (Item).QLXTUN

   3120   Can't group on fields selected with '*' (Item).H0BFY6

   3121   Can't group on fields selected with '*'.242DPX4

   3122   'Item' not part of aggregate function or grouping.F05JB

   3123   Can't use '*' in crosstab query.5556FR

   3124   Can't input from internal report query (Item).IZKDP

   3125   'Item' isn't a valid name.2OZBIVW

   3126   Invalid bracketing of name 'Item'.324KSCV

   3127   INSERT INTO statement contains unknown field name 'Item'.ENPKFJ

   3128   Must specify tables to delete from.3A41YZP

   3129   Invalid SQL statement; expected 'DELETE', 'INSERT', 'PROCEDURE', 'SELECT', or 'UPDATE'.ZYC1XG

   3130   Syntax error in DELETE statement.4NXQFV0

   3131   Syntax error in FROM clause.0DO28RE

   3132   Syntax error in GROUP BY clause.N7PHUD

   3133   Syntax error in HAVING clause.2LTK1JC

   3134   Syntax error in INSERT statement.EF4P7S

   3135   Syntax error in JOIN operation.JBGEBV

   3136   Syntax error in LEVEL clause.16LI0IO

   3137   Missing semicolon (;) at end of SQL statement.5VH88K

   3138   Syntax error in ORDER BY clause.7OFYVJ

   3139   Syntax error in PARAMETER clause.3JAX0CN

   3140   Syntax error in PROCEDURE clause.2A1G8Q3

   3141   Syntax error in SELECT statement.DECO83

   3142   Characters found after end of SQL statement.GJR90D

   3143   Syntax error in TRANSFORM statement.2UFDCQ5

   3144   Syntax error in UPDATE statement.7F538ZP

   3145   Syntax error in WHERE clause.YFWANH

   3146   ODBC--call failed.1KZ7IRG

   3147   ODBC--data buffer overflow.992W0QP

   3148   ODBC--connection failed.7HYUJL

   3149   ODBC--incorrect DLL.9XPU9S4

   3151   ODBC--connection to 'Item' failed.4IROMI

   3152   ODBC--incorrect driver version 'Item1'; expected version 'Item2'.18ZJCC8

   3153   ODBC--incorrect server version 'Item1'; expected version 'Item2'.I18MXK

   3154   ODBC--couldn't find DLL 'Item'.1SQUZM9

   3155   ODBC--insert failed.JWXJC7

   3156   ODBC--delete failed.422M4CM

   3157   ODBC--update failed.H3J61Y

   3158   Couldn't save record; currently locked by another user.BT9S4IQ

   3159   Not a valid bookmark.8H2X0TX

   3160   Table isn't open.7P5I0B1

   3161   Couldn't decrypt file.JZHBD8

   3162   Null is invalid.15ZOUU4

   3163   Couldn't insert or paste; data too long for field.8Z2U0KY

   3164   Couldn't update field.2OE51HN

   3165   Couldn't open .INF file.83059Q

   3166   Missing memo file.142L5WR

   3167   Record is deleted.XJ0CYQ

   3168   Invalid .INF file.16VW1VS

   3169   Illegal type in expression.DE696P

   3170   Couldn't find installable ISAM.6F7L0FH

   3171   Couldn't find net path or user name.417E0BM

   3172   Couldn't open PARADOX.NET.18531RH

   3173   Couldn't open table 'MSysAccounts' in SYSTEM.MDA.W55GOO

   3174   Couldn't open table 'MSysGroups' in SYSTEM.MDA.36I05S

   3175   Date is out of range or is in an invalid format.F89MVG

   3183   Not enough space on temporary disk.2004R3X

   3184   Couldn't execute query; couldn't find linked table.7HOY9SZ

   3185   SELECT INTO remote database tried to produce too many fields.17FDJP

   3186   Couldn't save; currently locked by user 'Item2' on machine 'Item1'.0FGK0NT

   3187   Couldn't read; currently locked by user 'Item2' on machine 'Item1'.KA5K47

   3188   Couldn't update; currently locked by another session on this machine.7MYD0WF

   3189   Table 'Item1' is exclusively locked by user 'Item3' on machine 'Item2'.423WDHE

   3190   Too many fields defined.16LI4EJ

   3191   Can't define field more than once.2Z0FVJ

   3192   Couldn't find output table 'Item'.8AU5IC

   3196   Couldn't use 'Item'; database already in use.5G8H0GM

   3197   Data has changed; operation stopped.0IU84K

   3198   Couldn't start session.  Too many sessions already active.SKLUWM

   3199   Couldn't find reference.8AION4

   3200   Can't delete or change record. Since related records exist in table 'Item', referential integrity rules would be violated.12JPFHX

   3201   Can't add or change record.  Referential integrity rules require a related record in table 'Item'.7M1N0DK

   3202   Couldn't save; currently locked by user 'Item2' on machine 'Item1'.15HK0L6

   3203   Can't specify subquery in expression (Item).32BMRCQ

   3204   Database already exists.18EMR5U

   3205   Too many crosstab column headers (Item).E16534

   3206   Can't create a relationship between a field and itself.16V8WW9

   3207   Operation not supported on Paradox table with no primary key.1L3BPWD

   3208   Invalid Deleted entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.29DR185

   3209   Invalid Stats entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.6AQC7OP

   3210   Connect string too long.2WJDAF

   3211   Couldn't lock table 'Item'; currently in use.MET12V

   3212   Couldn't lock table 'Item1'; currently in use by user 'Item3' on machine 'Item2'.9ARHHW

   3213   Invalid Date entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.0UE9QN

   3214   Invalid Mark entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.878SD1

   3215   Too many Btrieve tasks.1YGNYK2

   3216   Parameter 'Item' specified where a table name is required.NT70R6

   3217   Parameter 'Item' specified where a database name is required.72OI0G1

   3218   Couldn't update; currently locked.1572LSZ

   3219   Can't perform operation; it is illegal.1UPDSRY

   3220   Wrong Paradox sort sequence.06BTP0

   3221   Invalid entries in [Btrieve ISAM] section in WIN.INI.132UZBY

   3222   Query can't contain a Database parameter.WWHQU4

   3223   'Item' isn't a valid parameter name.10EVL25

   3224   Btrieve--data dictionary is corrupted.6PT1OF

   3225   Encountered record locking deadlock while performing Btrieve operation.5NRGKN

   3226   Errors encountered while using the Btrieve DLL.0Z0OOJ

   3227   Invalid Century entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.8JI09XJ

   3228   Invalid CollatingSequence entry in [Paradox ISAM] section in INI file.CL4GUZ

   3229   Btrieve--can't change field.2GG69CA

   3230   Out-of-date Paradox lock file.6FIU0ZM

   3231   ODBC--field would be too long; data truncated.1KXZODM

   3232   ODBC--couldn't create table.27RKRW2

   3233   ODBC--incorrect driver version.3NWWHWO

   3234   ODBC--remote query timeout expired.6LUS9VV

   3235   ODBC--data type not supported on server.6L5Q0NS

   3236   ODBC--encountered unexpected Null value.3MH5KZF

   3237   ODBC--unexpected type.YN6QVU

   3238   ODBC--data out of range.1Y29FX

   3239   Too many active users.9VFL9S5

   3240   Btrieve--missing WBTRCALL.DLL.11HQ8XW

   3241   Btrieve--out of resources.8NXP87

   3242   Invalid reference in SELECT statement.VFD6W9

   3246   Operation not supported in transactions.18OWWSG

   3247   ODBC--linked table definition has changed.1WLH3C4

   3248   Invalid NetworkAccess entry in INI file.7Q280NF

   3249   Invalid PageTimeout entry in INI file.OJLAZK

   3252   Illegal reentrancy during query execution.YC0S61

   3254   ODBC--Can't lock all records.D1S40Z

   3255   ODBC--Can't change connect string parameter.WH6XCX

   3256   Index file not found.2HXHZWL

   3257   Syntax error in WITH OWNERACCESS OPTION declaration.3SAGZ3X

   3258   Query contains ambiguous (outer) joins.26YIY4K

   3260   Couldn't update; currently locked by user 'Item2' on machine 'Item1'.IY6HXK

   3261   ItemZ9G2IA

   3262   Item10QYEUI

   3264   No fields defined - cannot append table.6GWY0V9

   3265   Name not found in this collection.8E5B0EK

   3267   Property value only valid when Field is part of a recordset.1XWRS6P

   3268   Cannot set the property of an object which is part of a Database object.2Y3XWX

   3270   Property not found.TBE36L

   3271   Invalid property value.HK0JPL

   3273   Method not applicable for this object.6AKEQA

   3274   External table isn't in the expected format.1TWHMC6

   3277   Can't have more than 10 fields in an index.12KKK9Q

   3279   Database engine has already been initialized.51XQCI4

   3280   Can't delete a field that is part of an index.15KJXMS

   3281   Can't delete an index that is used in a relationship.12KKP9S

   3284   Index already exists.NI1C8U

   3287   Can't create index on Memo field or Long Binary field.5OHQ0QJ

   3289   Paradox: No primary index.G280N1

   3290   Syntax error.AYEOE6

   3291   Syntax error in CREATE TABLE statement.4KCD3GB

   3292   Syntax error in CREATE INDEX statement.8Y46Z9

   3293   Syntax error in column definition.7C1TW7

   3294   Syntax error in ALTER TABLE statement.WXHRFQ

   3295   Syntax error in DROP INDEX statement.2KQFBVE

   3299   Several tables exist with that name; please specify owner, as in 'owner.table'.7LO24N