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Trappable Errors
Trappable Data Access Errors
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AppendChunk Method
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AppendChunk Method Example
Close Method
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Delete Method
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Delete Method Example 1
Delete Method Example 2 (Professional Edition Only)
Edit Method
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Edit Method Example
FindFirst, FindLast, FindNext, FindPrevious Methods
See Also
FindFirst, FindLast, FindNext, FindPrevious Methods Example 1
FindFirst, FindLast, FindNext, FindPrevious Methods Example 2 (Professional Edition Only)
MoveFirst, MoveLast, MoveNext, MovePrevious Methods
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GetChunk Method
See Also
GetChunk and FieldSize Methods Example
FieldSize Method
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Update Method
See Also
Update Method Example
CreateQueryDef Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
CreateQueryDef Method Example
DeleteQueryDef Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
DeleteQueryDef Method Example
ListFields Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
ListFields Method Example
ListIndexes Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
ListIndexes Method Example
OpenQueryDef Method (Professional Edition Only)
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OpenQueryDef Method Example
Seek Method (Professional Edition Only)
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Seek Method Example
BOF Property
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BOF, EOF Properties Example
Bookmark Property
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Bookmark and Bookmarkable Properties Example
Bookmarkable Property
See Also
Bookmarkable Property Example
DateCreated, LastUpdated Properties
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EOF Property
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Filter Property (Professional Edition Only)
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Filter Property Example
LockEdits Property
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NoMatch Property
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NoMatch Property Example
RecordCount Property
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Sort Property (Professional Edition Only)
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Sort Property Example
SQL Property (Professional Edition Only)
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SQL Property Example
Transactions Property
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Updatable Property
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DataField Property
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RecordSource Property
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Recordset Property
See Also
Recordset Property Example
Common Dialog Control
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Print Dialog Properties
File Dialog Properties
Color Dialog Properties
Font Dialog Properties
Action Property (Common Dialog)
CancelError Property
HelpCommand Property
HelpCommand, HelpFile, HelpKey Properties Example, Common Dialog Control
HelpContext Property
HelpKey Property
DefaultExt Property
DialogTitle Property
FileTitle Property
Filter Property (Common Dialog)
FilterIndex Property
Flags Property (File Dialogs)
Flags Property (File Dialogs) Example, Common Dialog Control
InitDir Property
MaxFileSize Property
Color Property
Flags Property (Color Dialog)
Flags Property (Color Dialog) Example, Common Dialog Control
Flags Property (Font Dialog)
Max, Min Properties (Common Dialog)
Copies Property
Flags Property (Print Dialog)
FromPage, ToPage Properties
PrinterDefault Property
Error Messages (Common Dialog)
Other Information Sources
Standard Edition Help Files
Professional Edition Help Files
Standard Edition Text Files
Professional Edition Text Files
aggregate function
attached table
bound control
current transaction
external database
object variable
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
one-to-many relationship
one-to-one relationship
referential integrity
SQL statement
Table object
tabledef object
variant expression
Index already exists.
Can't delete an index that is used in a relationship.
Invalid object type; Menu control required
Invalid property value.
Invalid reference in SELECT statement.
Database engine has already been initialized.
Method not applicable for this object.
Name not found in this collection.
No Defined Value
No fields defined - cannot append table.
OLE Automation argument type mismatch
OLE Automation file or object name syntax error
OLE Automation Lbound or Ubound on non Array value
OLE Automation method did not return a value
OLE Automation method returned unsupported type
OLE Automation no such property or method
OLE Automation object does not exist
OLE Automation Object does not have a default value
OLE Automation server cannot create object
OLE Automation server cannot load file
OLE initialization error
Paradox: No primary index.
Popup menu must have at least one submenu
Property not found.
Property value only valid when Field is part of a recordset.
Table 'Item1' is exclusively locked by user 'Item3' on machine 'Item2'.
Can't have more than 10 fields in an index.
Can't have action query 'Item' as an input.
'Item' is a class name
A module with this name exists
Bad file mode: 'Item'
Bad file name or number: 'Item'
Bad record length: 'Item'
Bad record number: 'Item'
Between operator without And
Can't delete module; must Re-Initialize first
Can't refer to Dynaset property in Design view.
Can't refer to Parent property in Design view.
Can't set value.
Device unavailable: 'Item'
Disk not ready: 'Item'
Expression too complex
Extra )
File previously loaded: 'Item'
Function isn't available in expressions
IIF function without ()
In operator without ()
Incompatible version of WIN87EM.DLL; quitting
Input past end of file: 'Item'
Invalid argument used with DatePart, DateAdd or DateDiff function.
Invalid arguments used with domain function
Invalid control number reference.
Invalid form number reference.
Invalid group level number reference.
Invalid group level reference.
Invalid method in expression.
Invalid reference to '!Item'.
Invalid reference to control 'Item'.
Invalid reference to Dynaset property.
Invalid reference to field 'Item'.
Invalid reference to form 'Item'.
Invalid reference to Parent property.
Invalid reference to property 'Item'.
Invalid reference to report 'Item'.
Invalid report number reference.
Invalid section number reference.
Invalid section reference.
Invalid subclass 'Item' referred to in TypeOf function.
Invalid use of '.', '!', or '()'.
Invalid use of '.', '!', or '()'.
Invalid use of Is operator
Invalid use of parentheses
Invalid use of vertical bars
Item in linked master field.
Item in query.
Item in validation rule.
Item1 in 'Item2' expression.
Item1 in validation rule: 'Item2'.
Missing ), ], or Item
No control is active.
No form is active.
No report is active.
Not enough memory to run; quitting
Object has no value
Object referred to in expression no longer exists.
Out of Memory - insufficient variable space
Out of Memory - too many global symbols
Out of Memory - too many global variables, Global CONST, & Types
Out of Memory - too many procedures, forms & modules
Out of Memory - too many symbols in form or module
Out of Memory - too much code in procedure: 'Item'
Out of Memory - too much form/mod-level code in: 'Item'
Out of memory during calculation
Search string has unmatched brackets
Stop statement encountered
Syntax error
Syntax error
Syntax error
Syntax error
Syntax error
Syntax error in date
Syntax error in number
Syntax error in string
Tried to load module with duplicate procedure definition: 'Item'
Unexpected error; quitting
Unknown function name
Unknown name
Wrong number of arguments used with function
Wrong version of run-time DLL
Couldn't delete from specified tables.
Can't input from internal report query (Item).
Can't insert into action query.
Duplicate output destination 'Item'.
Invalid argument.
Query contains ambiguous (outer) joins.
Can't open any more databases.
AddNew or Edit already used.
Can't execute a non-action query.
Can't group on Memo or Long Binary (Item).
Can't have aggregate function in expression (Item).
Can't have aggregate function in GROUP BY clause (Item).
Can't have aggregate function in JOIN operation (Item).
Can't have aggregate function in ORDER BY clause (Item).
Can't have aggregate function in WHERE clause (Item).
Can't have Memo or Long Binary in aggregate argument (Item).
Can't join on Memo or Long Binary (Item).
Can't join more than one table with the same name (Item).
Can't open action query 'Item'.
Can't open any more files.
Can't open any more tables.
Can't open any more tables or queries.
Can't sort on Memo or Long Binary (Item).
Couldn't find database 'Item'.
Couldn't lock file; SHARE.EXE hasn't been loaded.
Couldn't lock table 'Item'; currently in use.
Couldn't save; currently locked by user 'Item2' on machine 'Item1'.
Can't repeat table name 'Item' in FROM clause.
Characters found after end of SQL statement.
Commit or Rollback without BeginTrans.
Couldn't update; currently locked by another session on this machine.
Couldn't read; currently locked by user 'Item2' on machine 'Item1'.
Couldn't save; currently locked by another user.
Couldn't save record; currently locked by another user.
Couldn't start transaction; too many transactions already nested.
Couldn't update; database is read-only.
'Item' isn't an index in this table.
Item in expression.
Item1 parameters were expected, but only Item2 were supplied.
Circular reference caused by alias 'Item' in query definition's SELECT list.
'Item' isn't a valid account name.
Can't bind name 'Item'.
Can't define field more than once.
Can't group on fields selected with '*'.
Can't group on fields selected with '*' (Item).
Can't have duplicate key; index changes were unsuccessful.
Can't have Memo or Long Binary in criteria (Item) for aggregate function.
Can't include Memo or Long Binary when you select unique values (Item).
Can't perform operation; it is illegal.
Can't specify Fixed Column Heading 'Item' in a crosstab query more than once.
Can't specify subquery in expression (Item).
Couldn't open file 'Item'.
Couldn't open PARADOX.NET.
Couldn't delete; no delete permission for table or query 'Item'.
Couldn't find installable ISAM.
Couldn't find output table 'Item'.
Couldn't insert; no insert permission for table or query 'Item'.
Couldn't insert or paste; data too long for field.
Couldn't lock table 'Item'; currently in use.
Couldn't open database 'Item'.
Couldn't read; no read permission for table or query 'Item'.
Couldn't read definitions; no read definitions permission for table or query 'Item'.
Couldn't save; currently locked by user 'Item2' on machine 'Item1'.
Couldn't replace; no replace permission for table or query 'Item'.
Couldn't update; currently locked.
Couldn't initialize data access because file 'SYSTEM.MDA' couldn't be opened.
Couldn't start session.
Couldn't use 'Item'; database already in use.
Couldn't use 'Item'; file already in use.
Database has reached maximum size.
Database 'Item' is exclusively locked.
Date is out of range or is in an invalid format.
Duplicate output alias 'Item'.
Invalid CollatingSequence entry in [Paradox ISAM] section in INI file.
Invalid entries in [Btrieve ISAM] section in WIN.INI.
Invalid SQL statement; expected 'DELETE', 'INSERT', 'PROCEDURE', 'SELECT', or 'UPDATE'.
You need to increase the number of locks installed with SHARE.EXE.
Must specify tables to delete from.
'Item' isn't a valid parameter name.
'Item' not part of aggregate function or grouping.
Not a valid account name or password.
Not enough space on disk.
Not enough space on temporary disk.
Operation must use an updatable query.
Parameter 'Item' specified where a database name is required.
Parameter 'Item' specified where a table name is required.
SELECT INTO remote database tried to produce too many fields.
Syntax error in PROCEDURE clause.
Syntax error in SELECT statement.
Syntax error in TRANSFORM statement.
Syntax error in UPDATE statement.
Syntax error in WHERE clause.
Table 'Item' already exists.
Table 'Item' is exclusively locked.
Too many crosstab column headers (Item).
Too many fields defined.
Too many Memo or Long Binary fields.
Undefined function 'Item' in expression.
Update without AddNew or Edit.
Wrong data type for parameter 'Item'.
Wrong Paradox sort sequence.
Syntax error in LEVEL clause.
Reserved error (Item); there is no message for this error.
Btrieve--missing WBTRCALL.DLL.
Can't create a relationship between a field and itself.
Can't set field 'Item' in join key to Null.
Can't update 'Item'; field not updatable.
Couldn't find field 'Item'.
Couldn't find file 'Item'.
Couldn't find input table or query 'Item'.
Couldn't find object 'Item'.
Couldn't open table 'MSysAccounts' in SYSTEM.MDA.
Couldn't open table 'MSysGroups' in SYSTEM.MDA.
Couldn't update field.
Too many sessions already active.
'Item' isn't a valid database name.
'Item' is corrupted or isn't a Microsoft Access database.
Disk or network error.
Disk I/O error during read.
HAVING clause (Item) without grouping or aggregation.
Invalid file format.
Not a valid table name.
ODBC--data type not supported on server.
ODBC--field would be too long; data truncated.
ODBC--incorrect driver version.
ODBC--remote query timeout expired.
Syntax error in DELETE statement.
Syntax error in FROM clause.
Syntax error in GROUP BY clause.
Syntax error in HAVING clause.
Syntax error in INSERT statement.
Syntax error in JOIN operation.
Syntax error in ORDER BY clause.
Syntax error in PARAMETER clause.
Too many expressions in DISTINCT output.
Too many expressions in GROUP BY clause.
Too many expressions in ORDER BY clause.
Can't evaluate expression.
Can't have Null value in index.
Couldn't create; no create permission for table or query 'Item'.
Couldn't create index; too many indexes already defined.
Couldn't repair this database.
Field length is too long.
Field won't fit in record.
INSERT INTO statement contains unknown field name 'Item'.
Invalid bracketing of name 'Item'.
Invalid range.
Item1 in query expression 'Item2'.
Missing semicolon (;) at end of SQL statement.
'Item' isn't a valid name.
No permission for 'Item'.
Not a valid bookmark.
Not a valid file name.
Not a valid password.
ORDER BY clause (Item) conflicts with DISTINCT.
ORDER BY clause (Item) conflicts with GROUP BY clause.
Out of MS-DOS file handles.
'Item' isn't a valid path.
Resultant table may not have more than one Counter field.
Table isn't open.
Btrieve--data dictionary is corrupted.
Can't use '*' in crosstab query.
Invalid Century entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.
Invalid Date entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.
Invalid Deleted entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.
Invalid Mark entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.
Invalid Stats entry in [dBASE ISAM] section in INI file.
Joined table 'Item' not listed in FROM clause.
Missing destination field name in SELECT INTO statement (Item).
Missing destination field name in UPDATE statement (Item).
Item in criteria expression.
No current record.
Not a valid alias name.
Null is invalid.
Object 'Item' already exists.
Operation invalid without a current index.
Operation not supported on attached tables.
Operation not supported on Paradox table with no primary key.
Query input must contain at least one table or query.
Query must have at least one output field.
Record is deleted.
Ambiguous field reference 'Item'.
Can't import password-protected spreadsheet.
Can't use HAVING clause in TRANSFORM statement.
Circular reference caused by 'Item'.
Couldn't execute query; couldn't find linked table.
Couldn't parse field names from first row of import table.
Database already exists.
Encountered unexpected end of file.
Invalid NetworkAccess entry in INI file.
Invalid PageTimeout entry in INI file.
None of the import field names match fields in the appended table.
ODBC--call failed.
ODBC--connection failed.
ODBC--connection to 'Item' failed.
ODBC--couldn't create table.
ODBC--couldn't find DLL 'Item'.
ODBC--data buffer overflow.
ODBC--data out of range.
ODBC--delete failed.
ODBC--encountered unexpected Null value.
ODBC--incorrect DLL.
ODBC--incorrect driver version 'Item1'; expected version 'Item2'.
ODBC--incorrect server version 'Item1'; expected version 'Item2'.
ODBC--insert failed.
ODBC--linked table definition has changed.
ODBC--unexpected type.
ODBC--update failed.
Operation not supported in transactions.
Query can't contain a Database parameter.
Too many active users.
Btrieve--can't change field.
Btrieve--out of resources.
ODBC--Can't change connect string parameter.
Can't delete account.
ODBC--Can't lock all records.
Referential integrity rules require a related record in table 'Item'.
Can't delete or change record. Since related records exist in table 'Item', referential integrity rules would be violated.
Can't use internal report query.
Connect string too long.
Couldn't decrypt file.
Couldn't find net path or user name.
Couldn't find reference.
Couldn't open file 'Item'.
Couldn't open .INF file.
Couldn't rename installable ISAM file.
Couldn't write to file 'Item'.
Data has changed; operation stopped.
Encountered record locking deadlock while performing Btrieve operation.
Errors encountered while using the Btrieve DLL.
Illegal reentrancy during query execution.
Illegal type in expression.
Index file not found.
Invalid .INF file.
Join is broken by value(s) in fields 'Item'.
JOIN operation 'Item' refers to a non-joined table.
Missing memo file.
Operation canceled by user.
Incompatible database version.
Out-of-date Paradox lock file.
Record is too large.
Syntax error in WITH OWNERACCESS OPTION declaration.
Too many Btrieve tasks.
Too many client tasks.
Creating a Database
See Also
Creating a Database Example
Querying a Database
Adding and Deleting Controls at Run Time
See Also
Adding and Deleting Controls at Run Time Example
Calling Windows API Functions
See Also
Loading Constants from CONSTANT.TXT or DATACONS.TXT
Binding a Control to a Data Control
See Also
Filling a Grid with Data from a Database
See Also
Filling a Grid with Data from a Database{bmct bm34.bmp}Example
Command Line Switches
Accessing External Databases
See Also
Accessing an External Database Example
Using SQL (Structured Query Language)
See Also
SELECT Statement (SQL Only)
See Also
SELECT Statement, FROM Clause Examples
FROM Clause (SQL Only)
See Also
IN Clause (SQL Only)
See Also
IN Clause Examples
WHERE Clause (SQL Only)
See Also
WHERE Clause Examples
GROUP BY Clause (SQL Only)
See Also
GROUP BY Clause Examples
HAVING Clause (SQL Only)
See Also
HAVING Clause Examples
ORDER BY Clause (SQL Only)
See Also
ORDER BY Clause Examples
SELECT...INTO Statement (SQL Only)
See Also
SELECT...INTO Statement Examples
UPDATE Statement (SQL Only)
See Also
UPDATE Statement Examples
DELETE Statement (SQL)
See Also
DELETE Statement Examples
Visual Basic SQL Keywords
See Also
Avg Function (SQL Only)
See Also
Avg Function Example
Count Function (SQL Only)
See Also
Count Function Example
First, Last Functions (SQL Only)
See Also
Min, Max Functions (SQL Only)
See Also
Min, Max Functions Example
StDev, StDevP Functions (SQL Only)
See Also
StDev, StDevP Functions Example
Sum Function (SQL Only)
See Also
Sum Function Example
Var, VarP Functions (SQL Only)
See Also
Var, VarP Functions Example
DAvg Function (SQL Only)
See Also
DAvg Function Example
DCount Function (SQL Only)
See Also
DCount Function Example
DFirst, DLast Functions (SQL Only)
See Also
DFirst, DLast Functions Example
DLookup Function (SQL Only)
See Also
DLookup Function Example
DMin, DMax Functions (SQL Only)
See Also
DMin, DMax Functions Example
DStDev, DStDevP Functions (SQL Only)
See Also
DStDev, StDevP Functions Example
DSum Function (SQL Only)
See Also
DSum Function Example
DVar, DVarP Functions (SQL Only)
See Also
DVar, DVarP Functions Example
parameter query
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INNER JOIN Operation (SQL Only)
INNER JOIN Operation Example
See Also
INSERT INTO Statement (SQL Only)
See Also
INSERT INTO Statement Examples
LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN Operations Examples
See Also
PARAMETERS Declaration (SQL Only)
See Also
PARAMETERS Declaration Examples
See Also
PROCEDURE Clause Examples
TRANSFORM Statement (SQL Only)
See Also
TRANSFORM Statement Examples
See Also
Equivalent SQL Data Types
In Operator (SQL Only)
See Also
Between...And Operator (SQL Only)
See Also
Financial Functions
DDB Function
See Also
DDB Function Example
FV Function
See Also
FV Function Example
IPmt Function
See Also
IPmt Function Example
IRR Function
See Also
IRR Function Example
MIRR Function
See Also
MIRR Function Example
NPer Function
See Also
NPer Function Example
NPV Function
See Also
NPV Function Example
Pmt Function
See Also
Pmt Function Example
PPmt Function
See Also
PPmt Function Example
PV Function
See Also
PV Function Example
Rate Function
See Also
Rate Function Example
SLN Function
See Also
SLN Function Example
SYD Function
See Also
SYD Function Example
Choose Function
See Also
Choose Function Example
DateAdd Function
See Also
DateAdd Function Example
DateDiff Function
See Also
DateDiff Function Example
DatePart Function
See Also
DatePart Function Example
Partition Function
See Also
Partition Function Example 1
Partition Function Example 2
Partition Function Example 3
Switch Function
See Also
Switch Function Example
Argument mismatch
Can't open file
Internal object errors
Member not found
No server available
Property type mismatch
Return type mismatch
Server isn't responding
The control you selected cannot operate in VB unless you have installed data access. Make sure you have installed data access
Cannot remove last non-fixed row
Cannot use AddItem on a fixed row
Cannot use RemoveItem on a fixed row
Cols must be one more than FixedCols value
FixedCols must be one less than Cols value
FixedRows must be one less than Rows value
Grid does not contain that row
Invalid alignment value
Invalid column number for alignment
Invalid column value
Invalid column width value
Invalid row height value
Invalid row value
Not a valid picture type
Rows must be one more than FixedRows value
Unable to allocate memory for grid
Unable to register the memory manager
method: Dynaset method illegal - no scrollable cursor support
Access attempted on unopened database
Access attempted on unopened Dynaset
Property value only valid when Field is part of a Dynaset
Attempt to Move past EOF
Cannot set the property of an object which is part of a Database object
CommitTrans/Rollback illegal - Transactions not supported
Data type of field '<field name>' not supported by target database
Delete method requires a name argument
Dynaset is not updatable or Edit method has not been invoked
Field size illegal for specified field type
Field type is illegal
General ODBC error: '<error>'
Get value not allowed on collections
GetChunk: Offset/Size argument combination illegal
Name not found in this collection
No fields defined - cannot append table
ODBC - GetDriverFunctions failure
ODBC - SQLAllocConnect failure
ODBC - SQLAllocStmt failure
ODBC - SQLAllocEnv failure
ODBC - SQLBindCol failure
ODBC - SQLColumns (Fields.Refresh) failure: '<error>'
ODBC - SQLConfigDataSource error '<error>'
ODBC - SQLConnect failure '<error>'
ODBC - SQLFetch failure: '<error>'
ODBC - SQLFreeConnect error
ODBC - SQLStatistics (Indexes.Refresh) failure: '<error>'
ODBC - SQLTables (TableDefs.Refresh) failure: '<error>'
ODBC driver does not support exclusive access to Dynasets
ODBC objects require VBODBCA.DLL
OpenDatabase - invalid connect string
Property is read-only
Property not found
Reserved parameter must be FALSE
Row-returning SQL is illegal in ExecuteSQL method
Set field value illegal without previous Edit or AddNew method
Set value not allowed on collections
Table exists - append not allowed
Unable to build data type table
Update illegal without previous Edit or AddNew method
Warning: <operation> (ODBC - SQLSetConnectOption failure)
Zero rows affected by Update method
illegal - no current record
ODBC - SQLNumResultCols (Create Dynaset) failure: '<error>'
ODBC - SQLDescribeCol (Create Dynaset) failure '<error>'
Append illegal - field is part of a TableDefs collection
Append illegal - Index is part of a TableDefs collection
Can't copy
Can't open Clipboard
Can't paste
Class is not set
Dialog already in use
Error loading from file
Error saving to file
Invalid Action
Incorrect Clipboard format
Invalid format
Invalid or unknown class
Invalid property value
Invalid source for link
Invalid Verb index
Source name is too long
No object
Object not running
Out of memory
Source Document is not set
This control requires Visual Basic version 3.0 or later
Unable to access source document
Unable to activate object
Unable to close object
Unable to create embedded object
Unable to create link
Unable to fetch link source name
Unable to initialize OLE
Access to OLE Automation object denied
Can't empty Clipboard
Can't open Clipboard
Can't create index on Memo field or Long Binary field.
Cannot set the property of an object which is part of a Database object.
Class does not support OLE Automation
Can't delete a field that is part of an index.
Couldn't lock table 'Item1'; currently in use by user 'Item3' on machine 'Item2'.
Couldn't update; currently locked by user 'Item2' on machine 'Item1'.
Syntax error in ALTER TABLE statement.
Syntax error in column definition.
Syntax error.
Syntax error in CREATE INDEX statement.
Syntax error in CREATE TABLE statement.
Syntax error in DROP INDEX statement.
Error loading DISP200.DLL
External table isn't in the expected format.
Line Item1: Item2 has a quoted string where the property name should be.
Line Item1: All controls must precede menus; cannot load control Item2.
Line Item1: Cannot load control Item2; containing control not a valid container.
Line Item1: Cannot load control Item2; name already in use.
Line Item1: Cannot set checked property in menu Item2. Parent menu cannot be checked.
Line Item1: Cannot set shortcut property in menu Item2. Parent menu cannot have a shortcut key.
Line Item1: Class Item2 of control Item3 was not a loaded control class.
Line Item1: Class name too long; truncated to Item2.
Line Item1: Control name too long; truncated to Item2.
Line Item1: Did not find an index property and control Item2 already exists.
Line Item1: Maximum nesting level for controls exceeded with Item2.
Line Item1: Missing or invalid control class in file Item2
Line Item1: Missing or invalid control name in file Item2.
Line Item1: Parent menu Item2 cannot be loaded as a separator.
Line Item1: Property Item2 in Item3 could not be loaded.
Line Item1: Property Item2 in Item3 could not be set.
Line Item1: Property Item2 in Item3 had an invalid file reference.
Line Item1: Property Item2 in Item3 had an invalid value.
Line Item1: Property Item2 in Item3 must be a quoted string
Line Item1: Property Item2 in control Item3 had an invalid property index.
Line Item1: Syntax error: property Item2 in Item3 was missing an '='.
Line Item1: The control name Item2 is invalid.
Line Item1: The Form or MDIForm name Item2 is already in use; cannot load this form.
Line Item1: The Form or MDIForm name Item2 is not valid; cannot load this form.
Line Item1: The name Item2 is already in use as a Item3 name.
Line Item1: The property name Item2 in Item3 is invalid.
Not In Context
Unable To Evaluate
Several tables exist with that name; please specify owner, as in 'owner.table'.
Syntax error in DROP statement.
Append Method (Professional Edition Only)
BeginTrans, CommitTrans, Rollback Statements
See Also
CompactDatabase Statement
See Also
CompactDatabase Statement Example
CreateDatabase Function (Professional Edition Only)
CreateDynaset Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
CreateDynaset Method Example
CreateSnapshot Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
CreateSnapshot Method Example
SetDefaultWorkspace Statement
See Also
Execute Method
See Also
Execute Method Example
ExecuteSQL Method
See Also
ExecuteSQL Method Example
ListTables Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
ListTables Method Example
OpenDatabase Function (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
OpenDatabase Function Example
OpenTable Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
OpenTable Method Example
Refresh Method
See Also
Refresh Method Example 1
Refresh Method Example 2 (Data Access)
IIf Function
See Also
IIf Function Example
BeginTrans, CommitTrans, Rollback Methods
See Also
FreeLocks Statement
See Also
RegisterDatabase Statement
See Also
RegisterDatabase Example
RepairDatabase Statement
See Also
UpdateControls Method
See Also
UpdateControls Method Example
UpdateRecord Method
See Also
PopupMenu Method
See Also
PopupMenu Method Example
Data Access
See Also
Data Control
See Also
Dynaset Object
See Also
Fields Collection
See Also
Indexes Collection
See Also
Snapshot Object (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
Table Object (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
TableDefs Collection
See Also
Field Object
See Also
Index Object
See Also
TableDef Object
See Also
QueryDef Object
See Also
Clone Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
Clone Method Example
ListParameters Method (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
ListParameters Method Example
Primary Property
See Also
Primary Property Example (Professional Edition Only)
OLE Control
Distributing OLE Applications
See Also
Action Property (OLE)
AppIsRunning Property
AutoActivate Property
AutoVerbMenu Property
Class Property
Data Property
DataText Property
DisplayType Property
FileNumber Property
Format Property
HostName Property
lpOleObject Property
Object Property
PasteOK Property
ObjectAcceptFormats Property
ObjectAcceptFormatsCount Property
ObjectGetFormats Property
ObjectGetFormatsCount Property
OleType Property
OleTypeAllowed Property
ObjectVerbs Property
ObjectVerbsCount Property
ObjectVerbFlags Property
SizeMode Property
See Also
SourceDoc Property
SourceItem Property
UpdateOptions Property
Verb Property
CreateObject Function
GetObject Function
OLE Automation
MiscFlags Property
See Also
Attributes Property
See Also
CollatingOrder Property
See Also
Exclusive Property
See Also
Exclusive Property Example
Options Property
See Also
OrdinalPosition Property
See Also
ReadOnly Property
See Also
Database Object
See Also
SetDataAccessOption Statement
See Also
EditMode Property
See Also
QueryTimeout Property (Professional Edition Only)
See Also
Database Property
See Also
Database, DatabaseName Properties Example
DatabaseName Property
See Also
DataChanged Property
See Also
DataSource Property
See Also
GridLineWidth Property
See Also
GridLineWidth Property Example
LastModified Property
See Also
LastModified Property Example
SourceField, SourceTable Properties
See Also
SourceFieldName, SourceTableName Properties Example
SelCount Property
See Also
SourceTableName Property
See Also
Paste Link Command (Edit Menu)
BorderStyle Property
Cancel Property
FontBold, FontItalic, FontStrikethru, FontTransparent, FontUnderline Properties
Caption Property
AutoSize Property
FontName Property
FontSize Property
Height, Width Properties
Option Base Statement
EOF Function
InStr Function
StrComp Function
Count Property
Value Property
Name Property
Show Method
LinkItem Property
LinkMode Property
LinkTimeout Property
LinkTopic Property
Displaying or Hiding the Grid
Changing Grid Spacing
Displaying Graphics on a Form
Drawing Lines and Shapes on a Form
Drawing a Control
Creating a Control Array
Selecting Controls
Aligning an Item to the Grid
Creating a Menu Bar
Creating a Menu Control Array
Adding and Deleting Menu Commands at Run Time
Setting Form and Control Properties
Accessing Screen Properties
Setting Colors
Creating Custom Colors
Guidelines for Entering and Editing Code
Attaching an Event Procedure to a Form or Control
Entering Declarations in Code
Creating a General Procedure
Turning Syntax Checking On or Off
Using Example Code from Online Help
Importing a Text File into Code
Finding a Procedure
Searching for Text in Code
Replacing Text in Code
Splitting a Code Window Into Panes
Saving Your Work
Debugging Checklist
Saving and Loading Forms in ASCII Format
Setting Options
Using MDI Features
Using Custom Controls
Using Watch Expressions
Using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
Starting Execution
Halting Execution
Continuing Execution
Restarting Execution
Ending Execution
Executing a Specific Statement
Tracing Execution
Setting and Clearing Breakpoints
Adding, Editing, and Deleting Watch Expressions
Using Instant Watch
Using the Debug Window
Specifying a Startup Form
Assigning an Icon to a Form
Specifying Access Keys
Setting Tab Order
Creating a DDE Source or Destination Link
Icon Library
Using Icons
Keyboard Guide
Global Keys
Code Window Keys
Form Window Keys
Debug Window Keys
Menu Design Window Keys
Properties Window Keys
Project Window Keys
Toolbox Keys
Visual Basic Menus
New Project Command (File Menu)
Open Project Command (File Menu)
Save Project, Save Project As... Command (File Menu)
New Form, New MDI Form, New Module Commands (File Menu)
Add File Command (File Menu)
Remove File Command (File Menu)
Save File, Save File As... Commands (File Menu)
Load Text, Save Text Commands (File Menu)
Print Command (File Menu)
Make EXE File Command (File Menu)
Exit Command (File Menu)
Redo, Undo Commands (Edit Menu)
Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete Commands (Edit Menu)
Find, Find Next, Find Previous Commands (Edit Menu)
Replace Command (Edit Menu)
Bring To Front, Send To Back Commands (Edit Menu)
Align To Grid Command (Edit Menu)
Code Command (View Menu)
New Procedure Command (View Menu)
Next Procedure, Previous Procedure Commands (View Menu)
Procedure Definition Command (View Menu)
Toolbar Command (View Menu)
Start Command (Run Menu)
Break Command (Run Menu)
Continue Command (Run Menu)
End Command (Run Menu)
Restart Command (Run Menu)
Add Watch Command (Debug Menu)
Instant Watch Command (Debug Menu)
Edit Watch Command (Debug Menu)
Calls Command (Debug Menu)
Single Step Command (Debug Menu)
Procedure Step Command (Debug)
Toggle Breakpoint Command (Debug Menu)
Clear All Breakpoints Command (Debug Menu)
Set Next Statement Command (Debug Menu)
Show Next Statement Command (Debug Menu)
Environment Command (Options Menu)
Project Command (Options Menu)
Window Menu Commands
Help Menu Commands
Pattern Matching and Regular Expressions
Load Picture, Load Icon Dialog Box Options
Check Box Control
Combo Box Control
Command Button Control
Directory List Box Control
Drive List Box Control
File List Box Control
Frame Control
Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bar Controls
Label Control
List Box Control
Menu Control
Option Button Control
Picture Box Control
Text Box Control
Timer Control
Clipboard Object
Debug Object
Printer Object
Screen Object
App Object
Image Control
Line Control
Shape Control
MDI Form
Forms Collection
Controls Collection
Graphical Controls
Grid Control
CellSelected Property
Clip Property
Col, Row Properties
ColAlignment Property
Cols, Rows Properties
ColWidth Property
FixedAlignment Property
FixedCols, FixedRows Properties
GridLines Property
HighLight Property
LeftCol Property
RowHeight Property
SelEndCol, SelStartCol, SelEndRow, SelStartRow Properties
TopRow Property
Microsoft Product Support Services
Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay
Australia, Papua New Guinea
England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland
France, French Polynesia
Germany, Baltic States
Hong Kong
M xico
New Zealand
Republic of China
Leichtenstein, Switzerland
Bermuda, Caribbean Countries, Central America, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela
Archive, Hidden, Normal, System Properties
Checked Property
ControlBox Property
DragIcon Property
DragMode Property
DrawMode Property
DrawStyle Property
DrawWidth Property
Drive Property
Enabled Property
FileName Property
FillColor Property
FontCount Property
hDC Property
Icon Property
Interval Property
LargeChange, SmallChange Properties
Left, Top Properties
List Property
ListCount Property
ListIndex Property
Max, Min Properties (Scroll Bars)
MaxButton Property
MinButton Property
Page Property
Path Property
Pattern Property
SelLength, SelStart, SelText Properties
Alignment Property
BackColor, ForeColor Properties
BorderColor Property
BorderWidth Property
ClipControls Property
CurrentX, CurrentY Properties
EXEName Property
FillStyle Property
hWnd Property
PrevInstance Property
ScaleHeight, ScaleWidth Properties
ScaleLeft, ScaleTop Properties
ScaleMode Property
Stretch Property
TwipsPerPixelX, TwipsPerPixelY Properties
ScrollBars Property
Parent Property
Sorted Property
Style Property
TabIndex Property
TabStop Property
Tag Property
Text Property
Visible Property
WindowState Property
AutoRedraw Property
Default Property
Fonts Property
Image Property
MousePointer Property
MultiLine Property
Picture Property
ActiveControl Property
ActiveForm Property
Align Property
BackStyle Property
Columns Property
HelpContextID Property
HelpFile Property
HideSelection Property
ItemData Property
KeyPreview Property
MaxLength Property
MDIChild Property
MultiSelect Property
NewIndex Property
PasswordChar Property
Selected Property
Shape Property
Shortcut Property
Title Property
TopIndex Property
WindowList Property
WordWrap Property
X1, Y1, X2, Y2 Properties
Code Window
Color Palette
Form Window
Debug Window
Menu Design Window
Project Window
Properties Window
Menu Bar and Toolbar
Setup Toolkit Contents
Setup Toolkit Overview
How to Use the Setup Toolkit
Files You Need to Distribute
Required DLLs for Distributing Visual Basic Applications
Modifying SETUP.LST
Compressing Your Setup Files
Layout of the Distribution Disks
Where to Install Files on the User's Machine
Writing Your Setup Program
Creating Your Distribution Disks
Testing Your Distribution Disks
Files You Are Allowed To Distribute
Creating a Setup Disk for ODBC Applications (Professional Edition Only)
Knowledge Base Articles from Microsoft Product Support
DDE From Visual Basic to Excel For Windows
Between Visual Basic Applications
How to Create Scrollable Viewports in Visual Basic
How to Get Windows Master List (Task List) Using Visual Basic
How to Print a Form or Control using StretchDIBits
How to Use Windows BitBlt Function From Visual Basic
Can Determine If a Specific Windows Program Is Running
Call to Receive LPSTR Returned From Other APIs
How to determine when a shelled process has terminated
Keeping the Current Record the Same After Using Refresh
Copying the Current Database Record Into a Record Variable
Using a Data Control to Scroll Up and Down in a Recordset
Connect Property
Fields Property
Index Property (Control Arrays)
Index Property (Data Access}
Size Property
Type Property
Type Property Example
Unique Property
Accessibility for People With Disabilities
MS Support Services for People Who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing
Access Pack for Microsoft Windows
Keyboard Layouts for Single-Handed Users
Documentation on Audio Cassettes and Floppy Disks
Products for People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision
Customizing Windows
Getting More Information
Asc Function
CVDate Function
Data Type Conversion Functions
Val Function
Call Statement
DoEvents Function, DoEvents Statement
Do...Loop Statement
End Statement
Exit Statement
For...Next Statement
GoSub...Return Statement
GoTo Statement
If...Then...Else Statement
On...GoSub, On...GoTo Statements
Select Case Statement
Shell Function
Stop Statement
While...Wend Statement
Visual Basic Data Types
Integer Data Type
Long Data Type
Single Data Type
Double Data Type
Currency Data Type
String Data Type
Variant Data Type
User-Defined Data Type
Date, Date$ Functions
Date, Date$ Statements
DateSerial Function
DateValue Function
Day Function
Hour Function
Minute Function
Month Function
Now Function
Second Function
Time, Time$ Functions
Time, Time$ Statements
Timer Function
TimeSerial Function
TimeValue Function
Weekday Function
Year Function
DDE Methods
LinkExecute Method
LinkPoke Method
LinkRequest Method
LinkSend Method
Const Statement
Declare Statement
Deftype Statements
Dim Statement
Erase Statement
Function Statement
Global Statement
LBound Function
Let Statement
Option Compare Statement
Option Explicit Statement
ReDim Statement
Rem Statement
Set Statement
Static Statement
Sub Statement
Type Statement
UBound Function
Math Functions
Atn Function
Cos Function
Exp Function
Int, Fix Functions
Log Function
Randomize Statement
Rnd Function
Sgn Function
Sin Function
Sqr Function
Tan Function
Derived Math Functions
ChDir Statement
ChDrive Statement
Command, Command$ Function
CurDir, CurDir$ Function
Dir, Dir$ Functions
Environ, Environ$ Function
Kill Statement
MkDir Statement
Name Statement
RmDir Statement
Err, Erl Functions
Err Statement
Error, Error$ Function
Error Statement
On Error Statement
Resume Statement
Close Statement
FileAttr Function
FreeFile Function
Get Statement
Input # Statement
Input, Input$ Function
See Also
Line Input # Statement
Loc Function
Lock, Unlock Statements
LOF Function
Open Statement
Print # Statement
Put Statement
Reset Statement
Seek Function
Seek Statement
Spc Function
Tab Function
Width # Statement
Write# Statement
Circle Method
EndDoc Method
Line Method
NewPage Method
Point Method
Print Method
PrintForm Method
PSet Method
QBColor Function
RGB Function
Scale Method
TextHeight Method
TextWidth Method
IsDate Function
IsEmpty Function
IsNull Function
IsNumeric Function
VarType Function
Beep Statement
InputBox, InputBox$ Functions
MsgBox Function, MsgBox Statement
SendKeys Statement
AppActivate Statement
Clear Method
Cls Method
Drag Method
GetData Method
GetFormat Method
GetText Method
Hide Method
Load Statement
LoadPicture Function
Move Method
RemoveItem Method
SavePicture Statement
SetData Method
SetFocus Method
SetText Method
Unload Statement
Arrange Method
FileCopy Statement
FileDateTime Function
FileLen Function
GetAttr Function
SetAttr Statement
ZOrder Method
Operator Precedence
Mod Operator
Comparison Operators
Eqv Operator
Imp Operator
Not Operator
Or Operator
XOR Operator
Like Operator
Is Operator
Chr, Chr$ Functions
Format, Format$ Functions
Hex, Hex$ Functions
LCase, LCase$ Functions
Left, Left$ Functions
Len Function
LSet Statement
LTrim, LTrim$, RTrim, RTrim$, Trim, Trim$ Function
See Also
Mid, Mid$ Function
Mid, Mid$ Statement
Oct, Oct$ Functions
Right, Right$ Functions
RSet Statement
Space, Space$ Function
Str, Str$ Functions
String, String$ Function
UCase, UCase$ Functions
<Filename> is a Read-Only file
An expression must be selected
An undo error has occurred. Further undo is unavailable
Can't have more than one window List menu
Can't set formal parameter
Cannot destroy active form instance
Circular references between modules
Controls without the Align property cannot be placed directly on the MDI form
Duplicate Option statement
Duplicate procedure name
For index variable already in use
For loop not initialized
Global definition invalid inside form module
Illegal Watch expression
Invalid object reference
Invalid pattern string
Invalid use of Null
Method not applicable for this object
New not allowed on this type
Object does not have a value
Object variable not set
Separator may not be the window List menu
Type too large
User functions not allowed in Watch expressions
Valid range: [1...32]
Valid range: [24...1188]
Variable not defined
Watch expression too long, expression truncated
Errors during load. Refer to <log file> for details
String value too long to process; form load aborted
Version number missing or invalid; Visual Basic 2.0 assumed.
Line <line number>: The file <filename> could not be loaded.
Item could not be loaded
Line too long
Identifier too long
Invalid identifier
Identifier can't end with type-declaration character
Invalid number
Invalid constant declaration
Expected: <various>
Syntax error
Invalid outside of Sub or Function
Invalid in Sub or Function
Statement cannot precede Sub/Function definition
Sub/Function without End Sub/Function
Element not defined
Type not defined
Must be first statement on the line
End Sub or End Function must be last statement
End Type without Type
Statement invalid in Type block
Invalid Declare for Visual Basic procedure
Operation requires disk
Breakpoint not allowed on this line
Label definition invalid in Immediate pane
Invalid in Immediate pane
File previously loaded
Tried to load file with duplicate procedure definition: <procedure name>
Can't load module; invalid format
Use Static or ReDim to dimension arrays in this procedure
Wrong number of dimensions
End If without block If
Block If without End If
Else without If
Exit Do not within Do...Loop
Exit For not within For...Next
Loop without Do
Select Case without End Select
Case without Select Case
End Select without Select Case
User-defined type variable not allowed in expression
Parameter type mismatch
Statements/labels invalid between Select Case and Case
Invalid outside of Type block
Expression not allowed here
Duplicate Deftype statement
Label not defined
For without Next
While without Wend
Wend without While
Array not defined
Variable required
This variable type can't be passed by value
Function reference must be followed by ( )
Next without For
Invalid use of object
Invalid argument for DLL Sub or Function
Function not defined
Reference to undefined function or array
Duplicate definition with existing object
ReDim not allowed on object
User-defined type with Variant or variable-length String element not allowed.
Must have startup form or Sub Main ()
Can't save file to TEMP
Error reading Tutorial file 'item'
Tutorial directory 'item' not found
Can't find file 'item'
Not enough memory to load help file.
One or more replacements too long and not made
Syntax errors produced while replacing
Can't find Windows Help .EXE file
Invalid procedure name
Nothing to search for or replace
Not enough room to paste contents into current line
Can't set next statement
Search text not found
Array already has a control at index 'item'
Not a legal object name: 'item'
Must specify which item(s) to print
'item' is a form property name
'item' is a form name
'item' is a system object name
Event handler must be a Sub procedure
Incorrect number of event procedure arguments
Event procedure argument has incorrect data type
Can't assign shortcut key to menu name
Can't use separator bar as menu name
Shortcut key already assigned
Separator bar may not be checked or disabled, or have an shortcut key
At least one submenu item must be visible
Can't load Custom Control DLL: 'item'
Can't unload Custom Control DLL; in use
Can't quit at this time
You'll have to restart your program after this edit--proceed anyway?
Invalid command-line argument 'item'
Reset halted programs so Code window can be closed?
Save changes to 'item'?
Not enough stack space to enter break mode--continue?
Not enough stack space to enter break mode for error--must reset
Line too long to edit--edit truncated line?
'item' has been changed; must reset
Search complete
Do you want to create a control array?
Form had old file format
Replace existing 'item'?
'item' does not exist
'item' already exists in project
Parent or top-level menu item may not be checked
Continue loading form?
Search string too long
Unable to get system fixed font
Incompatible version created '<filename>'
Return without GoSub
Illegal function call
Subscript out of range
Duplicate definition
Division by zero
Type mismatch
Out of string space
String formula too complex
Can't continue
No Resume
Resume without error
Out of stack space
Sub or Function not defined
Error in loading DLL
Bad DLL calling convention
Internal error
Bad file name or number
File not found
Bad file mode
File already open
Device I/O error
File already exists
Bad record length
Disk full
Input past end of file
Bad record number
Bad file name
Too many files
Device unavailable
Permission denied
Disk not ready
Can't rename with different drive
Path/File access error
Path not found
No timer available
DDE channel not fully closed; awaiting response from foreign application
No more DDE channels
No foreign application responded to a DDE initiate
Multiple applications responded to a DDE initiate
DDE channel locked
Foreign application won't perform DDE method or operation
Timeout occurred while waiting for DDE response
key during DDE operation
Destination is busy
Data not provided in DDE operation
Data in wrong format
Foreign application quit
DDE conversation closed or changed
DDE method invoked with no channel open
Invalid DDE link format
Message queue filled; DDE message lost
PasteLink already performed on this control
Can't set LinkMode; invalid LinkTopic
DDE requires DDEML.DLL
Can't use character device names in filenames: 'item'
Invalid file format
Control array element 'item' does not exist
Invalid object array index
Not enough room to allocate control array 'item'
Object not an array
Must specify index for object array
Reached limit: cannot create any more controls on this form
Object already loaded
Can't load or unload this object
Can't unload controls created at design time
Custom control 'item' not found
Object was unloaded
Unable to unload within this context
No MDI form available to load
Invalid property value
Invalid property array index
'item' property can't be set at run time
'item' property is read-only
'item' property can't be modified when form is minimized or maximized
Must specify index when using property array
'item' property not available at run time
'item' property can't be set on this control
Can't set Visible property from a parent menu
Name not available
MDI Child forms cannot be hidden
'item' property cannot be read at run time
'item' property is write-only
Can't use separator bar as menu name
Form already displayed; can't show modally
Can't show non-modal form when a modal form is displayed
Must close or hide topmost modal form first
MDI forms cannot be shown modally
MDI child forms cannot be shown modally
Invalid object reference
Method not applicable for this object
Property 'item' not found
Property or control 'item' not found
Object required
Invalid object use
Only one MDI form allowed
Invalid Clipboard format
Specified format does not match format of data
Can't create AutoRedraw image
Invalid picture
Printer error
Can't empty Clipboard
Can't open Clipboard
User-defined error
Out of stack space
Identifier is not an object or user-defined type
Expression too complex
Duplicate label
Conflict between Global variable and global procedure name
Array already dimensioned
Do without Loop
Deftype statements must precede declarations
Sub and Function or variable of the same name
Argument-count mismatch
Object must be specified
Procedure has the same name as a control
File not found: <file name>
File already open: <file name>
Device I/O error: <device>
File already exists: <file name>
Disk full: <drive>
Bad file name: <file name>
Too many files: <file name>
Permission denied: <file name>
Disk-media error: <device>
Path access error: <path name>
Path not found: <path name>
Edit prevented
Duplicate procedure name
Control must be same type as rest of array
Can't clear Index property without changing name
name is a control name
Menu subitem skipped a level
Menu control must have a name
Menu control array element must have an index
Menu control array indices must be in ascending order
Menu control array elements must be contiguous and within the same submenu