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Visual Basic (VB) is a descendant of the BASIC programming language developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It involves a very powerful form engine that enables rapid development of graphical user interface (GUI) applications and a complex database object library (ADO). VB's primarily usage is for business applications such as database front ends, and its relative VBScript is the de facto language for Active Server Pages.

VB is very friendly to a novice programmer. Its syntax is very English-like and it does not require the use of pointers. It has a vast library of utility objects to do everything from printing a Microsoft Word document to printing barcodes or displaying a web page. A highly skilled programmer can build a web browser in an afternoon using components provided with VB. Virtually every Microsoft product has a corresponding VB component library, which gives Microsoft a powerful lock-in on their customers.

A lesser known fact is that with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which is built into every copy of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and many other Microsoft products, Visual Basic is probably the programming platform with the largest installed base. This makes it an ideal tool for writing small applications for specfic purposes. On the other hand this fact made it possible that macro viruses, viruses written in VBA, could spread out, even between the Macintosh and the Windows operating system.

During the Internet economic boom, programmers were in great demand, and many new programmers entered the field. Friendliness toward novices strongly influenced VB becoming one of the most common languages in commercial use.

Businesses continue to move their operations onto computer networks, and increasingly the public Internet. Microsoft has attempted to integrate complete World Wide Web support into all of their development tools, with limited results. Some speculate that the .NET initiative intends to finally move VB onto the Internet in a meaningful way, but no clear strategy has yet emerged.



Opening an document
VB6/VB.Net: Shell("C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe c:\www\index.html")
VB.Net: Process.Start("c:\www\index.html")

Load JPG from resource
VB6: VB6 Resource Files


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