AlfaCheckers8 1.54

Play American Checkers and 80+ variants against the computer.


AlfaCheckers8, formerly known as HCheckers, is a Windows program that plays American Checkers and variants on an 8x8 board.
With the various options, you can create your own variants.

'Not very fast but very fun' for the casual and experienced player

Now with significant engine improvements


  • play American Checkers and variants
  • input with mouse or keyboard
  • small, medium and big board
  • auto save
  • sounds
  • create your own variants
  • open and save games with PDN support
  • play against the program, another human or let the computer play against itself
  • analyze mode
  • ply value table for offside analysis
  • search for problems/combinations
  • give piece priority in computer search for each move
  • take back and forward
  • next best window
  • algebraic and numeric notation
  • turn board
  • offer draw, resign, get a hint
  • comment window
  • setup position
  • anti mode
  • opening book
  • choose openings
  • rating
  • create HTML diagrams
  • set various options (strength, depth, variant, board, engine)
  • special variant option: make captures not mandatory
  • and much more...



General rules: Wikipedia



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